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    Wiki Full Audiology

    If our audiologist is conducting a full audiology exam with hearing test, recorded speech, etc. but it is not performed in a booth, is this still billable?
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    Wiki Audiology Techs

    Does anyone have audio techs on staff? If so, what/how do they bill and what can they legally perform? Thanks!
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    Wiki Audiology Services

    What Audiology Services/Tests can be performed by a Family Practice Physician?
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    Wiki Ent and audiology and medical decision making

    I have a physician who sees a patient, sends them to the onsite audiologist and then the patient comes back to see the physician again (all on the same visit, has never left the office). The physician reads the printed audiology report from the machine showing hearing levels,etc. (not the...
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    Wiki Face to face time with e/m coding

    Can someone tell me if face to face time has to be consecutive or if the dr can see the patient, send them to audiology for a test,and then see the patient again to review the results of the audiology test? Can she bill for the time before and after seeing the audiologist?
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    Wiki Audiologist Coder needs help!

    I have just been hired as a bookkeeper/receptionist/transcriptionist/coder for an Audiology practice here in North Dakota. It appears that Audiology is a rather under coded profession and I am looking for anyone who has any helpful info on coding for Audiology. I have just graduated college...