1. H

    Question Dental Billing NEED ADVICE - AM I CORRECT OR NOT?

    Hello, I am a dental biller and need some advice about what is the final patient responsibility. I work for an oral surgeon and the patient had wisdom teeth surgery with anesthesia. The patient has medical & dental insurance. We are in network with the medical and out of network with the dental...
  2. jocarter

    A/R question about writting off claims that are being appealed

    Is it a normal practice to adjust off a balance at 90 days, even if the claim is pending an appeal/redetermination? I am finding multiple examples where documentation clearly supports the charges, so we should be getting payment. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Merry...
  3. S

    Physical Therapy Coding

    I work in an ENT/Audio office, and we are opening a balance center to meet the needs of dizzy/vertigo patients. We are employing a PT, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good resource to go to for PT coding/billing. This is a new adventure for me, and would appreciate any assistance. I've...