behavioral health billing

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    Question S9480

    Hello, Could anyone tell me if code S9480 can be billed on the same day with evaluation and management services, case management, group therapy, and lab charges? Are all these ancillary services considered included in this per diem rate?
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    Question Testing codes psychiatry/psychology

    Can psychiatry bill testing codes, 96116, 96138/96139? or only by psychology?
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    Question coverage for 96127 for Aetna

    Does anyone know if Mental health providers (psychologist/trist) can bill 96127? We used to bill it with a 90846 or 90847 years ago, but we now know they are bundled. Has anyone billed this code on its own on a separate claim? or the day prior or the following day of the therapy visit? Any...
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    Question Criteria for Inpatient/Outpatient facilities

    I am having difficulty finding the criteria for a patient seeking substance abuse treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting. Do they have to have a certain amount of daily therapy to be considered inpatient/outpatient? Is it up to the provider's discretion, or is there a certain amount of...
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    Question Ambulatory detox

    Does anyone have experience billing for Ambulatory detox? This is for an outpatient that regularly bills for PHP & IOP but just recently began trying to seek reimbursements for Ambulatory detox services. I have yet to see any of these claims pay but I am have a particularly difficult time with...
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    Question Is H0015 a per diem code and what services does it include?

    The description of H0015 is Alcohol and/or drug services; intensive outpatient (treatment program that operates at least 3 hours/day and at least 3 days/week and is based on an individualized treatment plan), including assessment, counseling; crisis intervention, and activity therapies or...
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    Question billing codes for Cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy

    Hello, hoping a behavioral health coder and shed some light on these codes. Are they billed with the regular CPT therapy codes? 90832,34,37 and group therapy or there other specific codes for these types of therapy? Thank you !!!