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    Wiki United Healthcare/Optum OON changes effective 7/1/21

    Hello, The SUD facility I work for is OON with this payer and was recently made aware that effective 07/01/2021 United Healthcare/Optum updated its coverage of OON benefits to exclude coverage of OON services provided outside of the member's "service area" Oddly the written announcement was...
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    Wiki CPC/COBGC seeking remote position

    Experienced in OB/GYN coding, auditing, and billing. seeking a remote position. Benefits not needed.
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    Wiki What are the "Typical" Employment Benefits a Coder might receive?

    I am looking into changing my career to Medical Coding. I come from a higher education background and work for the government. I have excellent benefits, but the position is truly not for me. I am wondering if anyone can give any insight as to their experience with benefits for coders (remote...