Wiki What are the "Typical" Employment Benefits a Coder might receive?


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I am looking into changing my career to Medical Coding. I come from a higher education background and work for the government. I have excellent benefits, but the position is truly not for me. I am wondering if anyone can give any insight as to their experience with benefits for coders (remote and/or on-site).

Thank you for your insight!
Remote coding benefit packages are based upon the employer you work for. Remote coding has evolved significantly since I started working remotely over nine years ago. Initially, the work was subcontracted, no benefits, production work and with a 1099 statement for the end of the year to file for your taxes. There are companies that still compensate this way currently. However, the coding industry has evolved now and there are many more employment opportunities for remote coders with benefits, PTO and paid holidays.

However, you must keep in mind that the healthcare industry is a 24/7/365 type service. The work is always going to be there, however, the paid off holidays are minimal (six a year) opposed to employment with a government position.

Best of luck in your career move.

Deb K.