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    Wiki Externship/internships

    Does anyone have any insight on how to find them in the DC/Maryland/VA area?
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    Wiki Educational group class/counseling

    One of my companies pediatric providers would like to provide group parenting classes/counseling for patients who have ADHD, Sibling Rivalry, parental overprotection, asthma, etc. All I can find is if the Dx is behavioral health related then our LCSW has to provider the services for us to be...
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    Wiki What are the "Typical" Employment Benefits a Coder might receive?

    I am looking into changing my career to Medical Coding. I come from a higher education background and work for the government. I have excellent benefits, but the position is truly not for me. I am wondering if anyone can give any insight as to their experience with benefits for coders (remote...
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    Wiki Codebusters - Is anyone familiar with the company?

    Is anyone familiar with Codebusters? I've received a few emails from them recently about their remote coding teams and was curious if anyone has any insight on how they are to work for, good or bad.
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    Wiki lcd

    I have a person who was seen and E&M code was 90791 with dx code 296.90. Not sure why this was denied. Could someone maybe have a better insight on this? Thanks!