1. E


    hello all, Can anyone enlighten me on coding in the EPIC system? I am trying to get a contract coding position, and they all want epic experience, but there's not a lot of information out there training wise. currently I've been using Cerner and 3M. Are they similar with charge entry? i'm...
  2. L

    PPE Advice

    Hi everyone! I'm a health information technology student in my last semester in need of assistance. As part of my program, I must complete Professional Practice Experience hours at a facility. Any suggestions or advice on contacting facilities/practices? It's been difficult getting in touch with...
  3. P

    Seeking employment in the Alexandria, La area. Certified CPC

    Please see attached resume. Looking for employment. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you
  4. jeremyf90

    CPCO (Passed June, first try) - Looking for a healthcare compliance job.

    Hello all, Title says it all. I am looking for a healthcare compliance job - and I am open to relocation! I am a Juris Doctor, and have experience in assisting Fortune 500 companies with their regulatory compliance issues. While I do have experience in HIPAA privacy breach matters, I do not...
  5. J

    CPC-A, Experienced HDS, Seeking Coding Positions Remotely or in Michigan

    I am a dedicated CPC-A seeking a fitting position in this field to utilize my meticulous detail-oriented skills, over 4 years of healthcare documentation experience, and extensive knowledge of medical coding. Please see the attached resume for further details. Thank you!
  6. D

    If I failed, what are my job options?

    I did an online course with Tacoma community College and passed all of the classes but I failed on my first attempt at my CPC certification exam. I just recently completed my second exam and have not yet been given my grade. If I fail and continue with my aapc membership and attempt the exam...
  7. T

    Can't Get Past the Brick Wall

    I got certified in 2010, and immediately hit the "Minimum 2 years experience" wall. How, may I ask, is someone supposed to get experience if you have to have it already? I managed to get a little experience freelancing online, but I want a JOB with regular hours and benefits. PLEASE don't say...
  8. B

    Top Three Healthcare Trends Affecting Medical Coding Certifications?

    Hi! This is my first ever post on the AAPC forums... I've been doing a bit of thinking lately about where I believe healthcare as an industry is going. The top three trends I see are: A) Hospitals are buying more physician practices and outpatient surgery clinics to shore up declining...
  9. C

    New CPC-A seeking a remote coding position

    Newly certified CPC-A seeking a full or part-time remote position. I am a dedicated worker who is detailed oriented and has the ability to work independently. If interested please email me at cbfriemel@gmail.com.
  10. D

    CPC Looking for Remote Medical Coding Position (HCC/CRG experience)

    Hello. I am a Certified Professional Coder looking for a remote position. I am willing to accept seasonal, temporary, full-time or a part-time position and will work any shift. I am ICD-10 proficient, had two years of formal coding schooling prior to certification and have experience with risk...
  11. S

    Seeking coder position in Tulsa, OK

    I am looking for a full time position in Tulsa. I have years of experience in coding, and used to work for a major insurance company. Willing to learn specialties if needed.
  12. A

    CPC-A Looking For Employment ANYWHERE

    Good Day! My name is Jeanette Archibeque and I live in Roswell, NM. I recently separated from my most current employer and I am looking for a new opportunity. I currently have a CPC-A with an A.A.S in Medical Billing and Coding. I have about three years of experience in the medical field. I...
  13. H

    CPC-A With Current Coding Experience

    I recently obtained a Medical Coding certificate with high honors from an AAPC and AHIMA accredited institution. As a CPC-A, I am looking for any positions in the Central Pennsylvania area but am willing to relocate, or accept remote positions as applicable, which will utilize my ICD-10...
  14. T

    Medical Biller/Coder

    I am currently seeking a full-time biller/coder. Podiatry group with 10 physicians and 4 offices Beachwood, OH If you or someone you know is interested please send me a message for more information. Thank you.
  15. P

    Seeking Coder Employment for CPC-A coder in the Northcentral Arkansas Area

    Willing to work for less money for employment. Will accept constructive criticism. Will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Phillip Southern 1102...
  16. M

    Employment Wanted

    Am a new coder with outpatient same day surgery and general coding experience. Graduated from Career Step LLC with honors (ICD 9), passed proficiency in ICD 10 ( AAPC). Searching for employment in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa. Relocation to tri state areas possible (NY/NJ/PA). Contact me for...
  17. C

    Does Practicode with obtaining employment

    My question is directed to both employers and coders who present Practicode as their main coding experience. Does this program make a beginning coder more attractive for employment? Are beginning coders (e.g., one year experience) able to get job offers with this program as their primary or...
  18. D

    Looking for part time

    CPC looking for CT part time job I'm looking for part time medical billing or medical coding work in the Farmington, Avon CT area. I currently have a full time job working 7-4 but am looking for additional employment in the medical field. I have 12+ years of experience with medical billing...
  19. A

    What are the "Typical" Employment Benefits a Coder might receive?

    I am looking into changing my career to Medical Coding. I come from a higher education background and work for the government. I have excellent benefits, but the position is truly not for me. I am wondering if anyone can give any insight as to their experience with benefits for coders (remote...
  20. F

    Employment Opportunities - Hines, IL

    Edward Hines Jr. Hospital currently has positions open for Inpatient Lead Coder and Outpatient Lead Coder. Salary range is $25.41 to 33.04. We are also looking for Inpatient and Outpatient Coders salary range $14.99 to $29.92 depending on experience. Telework/remote work may be available for...
  21. K

    CPC, CANPC, CPMA looking for PT work

    I am currently employed in the University of Missouri's Corporate Compliance office and am looking for pt work that can be done at home in the evenings/weekends. Resume available upon request. Katherine Nulph CPC, CPMA, CANPC, BA
  22. A

    What classifies as experience?

    Hello-I am currently waiting results from my CPC Exam and am noticing that all job postings require experience. If one were to find employment in a related field: billing, medical secretary etc.., does this count as the coveted experience? What type experience are the hiring managers looking...
  23. A

    HELP!! Looking for a part-time job as CPC-tampa area

    I am looking for part time work as CPC in the tampa area. I have two years experience as a medical biller/CPC. Thank you Aimie Benko, CPC aimie72@gmail.com
  24. N

    Coding and bad credit

    A friend of mine has dropped out of coding classes a few weeks before finishing. She is filing for bankruptcy and thinks that this will make her unemployable. Does anyone have any information on how credit and more so bankruptcy affect your ability to get a job as a medical coder?