Clarksburg, WV
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hello all,

Can anyone enlighten me on coding in the EPIC system? I am trying to get a contract coding position, and they all want epic experience, but there's not a lot of information out there training wise. currently I've been using Cerner and 3M. Are they similar with charge entry? i'm really lost as to what questions I even need to be asking.

Is the data entry interface really that different across all systems? is it something I can teach myself or at least not feel like a noob when I see it? I basically taught myself on the Cerner system, because I work for a small hospital in BFE West Virginia, and had very minimal training.

TIA for helping me out!!!
I have worked with both. I'm working with Cerner now. I prefer EPIC. They are not similar at all. EPIC is much more clean cut in my opinion and things are more easily accessible in the charts. I don't think you can teach yourself without actually working with the software itself. Maybe look up youtube videos for some examples if there are any.
My office is new to EPIC, we are trying to learn the billing aspect of it and our training has been very limited, is there anyone who can give me any suggestions on how to learn this? For instance, where do you find the actual claim number when the insurance company denied if you can't locate it on the insurance site!?
I have worked in Epic in multiple locations and the training does not come via Epic itself but through each system as Epic has different set-ups depending on what the facility wants. I've seen some have more user friendly set-ups than others. Despite the differences, I much prefer it over others that I have worked in as you can access everything through one system.