Wiki CPCO (Passed June, first try) - Looking for a healthcare compliance job.


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Hello all,

Title says it all. I am looking for a healthcare compliance job - and I am open to relocation! I am a Juris Doctor, and have experience in assisting Fortune 500 companies with their regulatory compliance issues. While I do have experience in HIPAA privacy breach matters, I do not have a healthcare background. So, I filled the gap in healthcare compliance knowledge by getting my CPCO certification June of this year. I very comfortable in learning new things, and excel at new tasks/responsibilities given. Combined with my passion for risk management and helping healthcare organizations provide the highest care possible, I know I'd excel at a compliance position if given the opportunity.

If you have tips/ideas, I would appreciate any of your time and effort. Side note as well, I am open to internships or part-time work if it means I can increase my hiring potential for a full-time healthcare compliance job. That, and I am open to getting further educated in healthcare management if need be.

Feel free to contact me at or (508) 340-3204!

Thanks so much, and warm regards,
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