1. jeremyf90

    CPCO (Passed June, first try) - Looking for a healthcare compliance job.

    Hello all, Title says it all. I am looking for a healthcare compliance job - and I am open to relocation! I am a Juris Doctor, and have experience in assisting Fortune 500 companies with their regulatory compliance issues. While I do have experience in HIPAA privacy breach matters, I do not...
  2. C

    Question CPCO Exam Study tools

    I am interested in obtaining the CPCO as my next certification. Recently, I've heard that the test is different than the sample exams that AAPC gives you in their sample exam package. Are there any other study tools out there that can help me study better for this exam? Thanks!
  3. N

    Compliance certification 2019

    Hi everybody!! I just purchased the 2019 CPCO exam bundle and study guide. I have CPC, CRC and CPB and work for an insurance company in the SIU department as a Clinical Provider Auditor and would love to get the compliance certification. I would really appreciate any help, advise or tips you...
  4. L

    CPCO Exam Materials

    Hello Everyone, In the CPCO materials to print, there's a lot of old manuals and federal registers that are out dated... I was wondering if we needed to print out the most current information and replace the old stuff, or if we were still being tested on the old things and the new things...
  5. L

    Recently CPCO Certified-Looking for Un-paid Volunteer Opportunities in Compliance

    I am a stay at home mom eventually looking to re-enter the job market, however I would first like an opportunity to volunteer, or participate in an un-paid shadow or internship arrangement to gain some experience in compliance. I recently received my CPCO certification, Feb 2016, on the first...
  6. A

    CPCO Certification - course through AAPC

    Hi all, To whom already certified as CPCO, or planning to take the CPCO, how do you plan or already passed the certification? What kind of courses are you taking? Did you pay for the $1500 ($1200 on sale until 3/31/2016) for the course through AAPC? If so, how much did that help you with the...
  7. E

    CPCO certification question

    Hi, I am CPC and wanted to take the CPCO Exam, can anyone offer any pointers?? What type of job was obtained after certification and average salary. Also, how hard was the test? Thank you kindly
  8. T

    CPCO CEU's

    To all of you out there who have the CPCO certification, where/how do you obtain your CEU's? The company I work for always purchase the yearly webinar subscription, so for me this is invaluable for getting my specialty (CANPC and CPMA) CEU's. However, on reviewing the program for the whole year...