Recently CPCO Certified-Looking for Un-paid Volunteer Opportunities in Compliance

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I am a stay at home mom eventually looking to re-enter the job market, however I would first like an opportunity to volunteer, or participate in an un-paid shadow or internship arrangement to gain some experience in compliance. I recently received my CPCO certification, Feb 2016, on the first attempt although I have never worked in compliance specifically. I do however, have a Masters in Health Service Management, did billing for our family owned psychology clinic for 6 years, prior pharmaceutical service representative for a major company, and I am a former Medical Service Corps Officer in the US Army. I am proficient in Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, etc. Also, a quick learner, exceptional problem solving and critical thinking skills. I would be happy to submit a resume if necessary.
Any suggestions?
May I ask what did you use to study for your compliance exam? I have the study guide and practice test but I was told that it's not recommended for people without experience. As far as a job in compliance, I will admit, most employers hiring for compliance want experience in at least auditing or coding.
I took the CPCO course offered through AAPC. The course was $750, but included the practice exam, CPCO exam, and the 12 Chapter course with 12 Quizzes, and 12 Reviews that could be taken several times. I will say that the most beneficial thing I did was make a book with the recommended guidelines ie. OIG Guidelines for Hospitals, Clinical Labs, Supplemental Guidelines, CLIA, RICO, CMPs, etc. There were not that many questions on the real exam that were covered in the course, my book helped me tremendously.
I am looking VOLUNTEER coding and billing MIAMI, Fl

Hi everyone. I recently graduated with my CPC-A and I'm looking for a place to volunteer. I would appreciate If anyone could let me know anywhere in Miami, FL that I can go as a volunteer to get experience. Thank you.

​I ​am a graduate of Medical Coding & Billing, CPC-A​ ​(AAPC), HCPCS codes, ICD 9 and ICD 10​ proficient ​​. From Excelsior Technical Institute​. ​I have ​one year of experience that I got from practice at the school where I studied, but I have not worked at a coding company yet.

I also did required continued education credit.