1. R

    Medical coding books for sale

    Brand new never used. Medical Terminology + Anatomy Medical coding Bundle 2019 $1040.00/Member $695.00 Make an offer. I'm in Colorado. Please contact me at. 720.499.8049 or Thanks Ron
  2. V

    CMS MIPS/MACRA Approved Registry

    Hello everyone, If anyone is looking for a great CMS Registry and or Medical Billing and Coding company, check out They are registered on the site and provides really great service. They have good references as well. Their fees are not as high as other companies...
  3. D

    CPC-A seeking entry level Medical Coding opportunity in Raleigh,Durham,Chapel Hill

    CPC-A seeking an entry level Medical Coding opportunity in Raleigh,Durham,Chapel Hill,Cary, Apex
  4. BUDO311

    Army Veteran, Recently Graduated and Certified CPC-A Seeking Opportunities Central FL

    Hey everyone, Figured I'd join in post my Resume and hopefully the right people might see it. My name, is John Recently graduated back in December 2017 alittle less then a month ago, couple weeks later was able to take my CPC Exam, and was a first-time go. It's was a big achievement...
  5. K

    An independent and self-motivated CPC-A with accurate and efficient coding skills

    15+ years of experience coordinating projects, administrative duties and processing large volumes of data in diverse office environments. • Certified Professional Coder-AAPC • CPT, HCPCS Level II and ICD-10-CM. • Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. • Electronic health...
  6. B

    What is the average salary of a medical coder in florida?

    How much is a medical coder's salary in Florida? Please tell me average hourly, weekly and monthly salaries for medical coding professional with 3+ years of experience. Thank you!
  7. S

    Certified Medical Coder seeking remote or onsite positions

    I have recently completed the AAPC online Medical Coding course and have received my CPC-A certification. I am looking to join a company that I can learn and grow with as well as apply the skills I have learned. I am open to remote and onsite positions. I have a quiet home office where I can...
  8. M

    Detail-Oriented and Highly Motivated CPC-A, Hampton Roads, Annapolis, Boston

    Recently passed my CPC exam on my first attempt and also have CBCS certification. I have successfully completed a medical billing and coding program and a medical terminology course at a local community college, as well as completed an AAPC CPC virtual training program (passing all with A...
  9. L

    Recently CPCO Certified-Looking for Un-paid Volunteer Opportunities in Compliance

    I am a stay at home mom eventually looking to re-enter the job market, however I would first like an opportunity to volunteer, or participate in an un-paid shadow or internship arrangement to gain some experience in compliance. I recently received my CPCO certification, Feb 2016, on the first...
  10. B

    Looking for a medical coding position

    Looking for a coding position in the San Diego area. No experience, I just passed my CPC last Saturday. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  11. R

    COC CPC seeks part time remote coding position

    I am an experienced COC CPC with over 7 years (5 years experience working remotely) experience in pro-fee E/M auditing and coding seeking a remote part time position. Please respond and I will be happy to forward a resume for your review. Thank you
  12. K

    CPC-A, RN, BSN Seeking Entry-Level Position in Wisconsin or Remote

    CPC-A, RN, BSN with 15+ years of clinical and administrative healthcare experience in inpatient and outpatient settings including: medical, surgical, mother-infant, special care nursery, pediatrics, family practice and occupational health. I'm seeking an entry-level position for outpatient...
  13. X

    Medical Coder Seeking Job

    Medical Coder Seeking Job, COLUMBIA SC Hello, I am CPC-A certified. I am looking for a job in Columbia, SC. I am eager to join a team and even more eager to put my knowledge to use. Please let me know of any job openings near by. - Thanks, C.
  14. B

    Certified Revenue Cycle Representative/CPC student

    Current CPC student in Atlanta, GA seeking entry coding position. 12 years Medical Billing and Coding experience. HFMA Certified Revenue Cycle Representative. Resume follows: AMYETTE L. BRIDGES, CRCR (678) 557-2586 Professional Profile Amyette Bridges, Certified...
  15. C

    New CPC-A problems with understanding Practicode

    So I passed my certification exam in December, got up-to-date with ICD-10, and spent two weeks waiting for Practicode to work. Now I'm using it, still on the first module, and I'm having trouble with knowing how detailed I'm supposed to be when coding, especially long cases. My trouble seems to...
  16. L

    Cpc with 7 plus years of experience looking for part time remote coding position

    Lisa Florez CPC (408) 832-8729 Lmarie029@hotmail Cypress Healthcare Monterey, Ca 03/2008 - Current Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Pain Management, Orthopedic-Joint replacement, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, and ASC coding Charge entry, assign appropriate Diagnosis...
  17. A

    CPC exam - Is there any tips anyone

    Is there any tips anyone can give me to help me with the integumentary system with the differences between simple intermediate and complex repairs? I understand some of it, but then some of the verbiage is the same in the simple and intermediate so its confusing. Thanks, Angela
  18. A

    Certified Medical Coder

    Hi, I'm an Indian and I'm a Medical coder having 6+ years of experience in which includes hospital IP DRG coding also currently working with Specialty Hospital, UAE. I would like to work as a Medical Coder in USA. could any one guide me how to get offer from there? Regards, Arulselvam.S
  19. A

    CPCO Certification - course through AAPC

    Hi all, To whom already certified as CPCO, or planning to take the CPCO, how do you plan or already passed the certification? What kind of courses are you taking? Did you pay for the $1500 ($1200 on sale until 3/31/2016) for the course through AAPC? If so, how much did that help you with the...
  20. P

    Looking for CPC in PA

    Looking for a Full-Time Coder in Pennsylvania Camp Hill area. CPC-A Welcome to respond This is not a remote position
  21. G

    CPC-A Looking for part-time remote Medical Coding position

    I have taken the online training course in medical coding and I have passed my CPC test. I do not have actual coding experience, but I do have extensive experience in related fields. I have 15+ years of experience working in Texas State government performing complex and detail oriented tasks...
  22. P

    Certified CPC and ICD-10 seeking billing and coding position remote.

    Hello, I have over 10 years experience in Medical billing and some coding. I've had the experience of working remote and am very self disciplined and will be an asset to any company.
  23. C

    CPC-A Experienced in Billing & Coding Orthopedics, PA & OH Workers Compensation

    CPC-A Experienced in Billing & Coding Orthopedics, PA & OH Workers Compensation COLLEEN PARKER,CPC-A CMPWORKS@GMAIL.COM 724-822-1456 107 HOGG LANE • SLIPPERY ROCK, PA 16057 Background Summary Compassionate, reliable individual who has completed Pittsburgh Technical Institute’s accredited...
  24. L

    Cpc looking for part time remote coding job

    Lisa Florez (408) 832-8729 Lmarie029@hotmail Cypress Healthcare Monterey, Ca 03/2008 - Current Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Pain Management, Orthopedic, Cardiology and Internal Medicine Charge entry, assign appropriate Diagnosis, CPT Codes and Modifiers. Coding E/M, ASC...
  25. M

    CPC Seeking Remote Coding Position

    Melissa Reed Certified Professional Coder Saint Peters, MO 63376 - 417-259-6080 Patient-focused Certified Professional Coder, licensed by the American Academy of Professional Coders, skilled at medical billing and coding. Reliable multi-tasker with extensive...
  26. S

    Vascular coder in Michigan who has questions with the LCD edits for this region

    Hello I am a Vascular coder in Michigan and I want someone in the same CMS region that I may have a running conversation as it relates to some troubles I have with the ICD-10-CM codes for the non invasive vascular diagnostic studies (i.e. 93880-93895, 93922-93931, 93965-93971, and 93990). I am...
  27. L

    CPC-A : Jump Start Coding Career

    A newly Certified Coding Profession ready to jump start my career as a Coding. Over 15 years in clinical and administrated position, treating and mongering various diseases and conditions, medical compliance, auditor and maintain proficiency of a clinical lab. Searching for a position that will...
  28. S

    Coding/Billing/Follow Up Opportunities - Long Island, NY - NOT REMOTE

    Job Opportunity - Long Island, NY - NOT REMOTE IV Medical Services is looking to fill multiple positions with experienced self-motivated medical billers, coders and follow-up personnel with the desire for a stable long-term career. We are a growing multi-office healthcare company that is...
  29. M

    Looking for coding/billing job.

    I am a graduate of Medical Coding & Billing, CPC-A(AAPC), HCPCS codes, ICD 9 and ICD 10. From Excelsior Technical Institute, but I have little experience. MIAMIDADE. Thanks.
  30. M

    CPC, CMC looking for Remote Coding Position - Outpatient, Professional, ASC

    Michelle Castro CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CODER/BILLING MANAGER OBJECTIVE Seeking a position in which I can utilize my highly skilled, knowledgeable, and proficient medical billing experience. This experience includes extensive, specialized knowledge in management, medical...
  31. M

    Remote Coder Available Immediately - Outpatient, Professional, ASC

    Michelle Castro CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CODER/BILLING MANAGER OBJECTIVE Seeking a position in which I can utilize my highly skilled, knowledgeable, and proficient medical billing experience. This experience includes extensive, specialized knowledge in management, medical...
  32. T

    Coding Behavioral Health Forms

    I am requesting opinions regarding what information from specific areas should be coded from Behavioral Health visit forms. Informational areas on the form are: Mental status, Medical symptoms (medical condition, medication, physical symptoms), Behavioral history, Substance use, eating habits...
  33. A

    Resume: Ashley Scarbeau, CPC

    I am seeking a rewarding and challenging onsite (Raleigh/Durham, NC area) or remote position in order to utilize my experience, education and certifications. I would be an excellent fit for this type of position as I have several years of experience in the medical field. I have two years of...
  34. K

    Hyperbaric Coding

    My physician is treating a pt in the hyperbaric chamber in Florida. The patient is in the chamber for 1.5 hours. The patient has a failed skin graft, diabetic, ulcers on both legs. T86.821, E11.49, L97.412 and L97.422. T86.821 meets medical necessity by itself. And diabetic E11.49 and...
  35. rahulasrivastava

    Medical Coding
  36. T

    Resume: April Rosenberger CPC-A

    April Rosenberger 1354 Russ Road Jackson, Ohio 45640 740-577-7997/ 740-710-2356 Objective Highly capable, resourceful and detail-oriented person, seeking job opportunities to demonstrate medical administrative strengths. Solid work history showing a track record of...
  37. A

    Help me get ouf of the office and into remote coding!

    Good Morning, I have been certified for 9+ years, and have been working in a Pulmonary physician setting. I am the Medical Billing Supervisor and the CPC for the office. I love my job, I love medical coding and billing, I love researching, and doing audits. I enjoy (yes, I am one of those)...
  38. V

    Duration Of Mechanical Vent for ICD10-PCS

    If a patient is intubated in the field and comes to the ED, placed on the ventilator in ED and later admitted, when do you count the start of the ventilator time? Coding clinic states that if the patient is intubated PTA, the start time for counting duration is the time of admission. Is that...
  39. M

    Cpc, & cpma

    Does anyone know an individual looking for employment that is CPC and CPMA? Duties included but not limited to:- Provider Educator Audit charts/Billing Thanks!
  40. P

    Seeking Coder Employment for CPC-A coder in the Northcentral Arkansas Area

    Willing to work for less money for employment. Will accept constructive criticism. Will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Phillip Southern 1102...
  41. R

    Help with Coding Peripheral

    Can I get some help coding this procedure. PROCEDURE PERFORMED: 1. Abdominal aortography at the renals 2. Abdominal aortography with limited run-offs 3. Right lower extremity runoff via left groin access 4. Left lower extremity distal runoffs via left groin access. 4. Catheter positioning...
  42. M

    CPC-A jobs in Québec canada

    Hi,is there any jobs available for CPc medical coding in Quebec Canada. I have experience in ICD 10cm Hospital ,outpatient and physician charts.
  43. S

    Xtern-ship position wanted

    Hello. I am looking for a hands-on xternship position in medical coding or billing within 30 miles of my area in Cecil County, Maryland. I am a AAPC student member with a 4.0 GPA in my current education program at UMA and graduated today. I am scheduled for my CPC exam on March 12, 2016 and...
  44. M

    Entry Level Coding Position Desired

    I have been a certified coder (CPC-A) since February 2015. More recently I have volunteered as a tutor/ assistant instructor at Martinez Adult School with beginner and intermediate students. I have been interested in working in the medical field for some time and have found my niche in coding. I...
  45. A

    CPC Exam 2016

    I am Studying for the exam But if anyone Out there could give me pointers or help me study that would very helpful because i really want to become a coder My name is Amin my contact number is 9145729326 I am in NY if anyone out there would like to study together or like i said just reach me or...
  46. C

    Coding active cancer vs. history of cancer

    My physician (an extremely brilliant pulmonologist) is stating that if his patient had lung cancer that was treated, he considers that cancer "active" until 5 years have passed since the treatment and he would like to use a "current" lung cancer diagnosis. He does not consider the cancer...
  47. O

    CIC exam re-take

    I failed my first attempt at the CIC certification. I'm so overwhelmed and maybe feel I'm just not meant to do inpatient coding. Any advice, reference material, study recomendations? Any other info that could possibly help is appreciated. TIps, hints, suggestions......... Thank you
  48. M

    Cpc exam - grading status

    Waiting for my results it's in grading status.
  49. O

    CIC Exam Prep help!! :)

    So I am taking my CIC certification exam Wednesday and am so worried about passing. Anyone take this exam and pass fairly easliy. Any helpful hints, tips, etc..... I need as much help as possible I'm sure!! All advice is appreciated. Thank you
  50. R

    CPC.. longest week of my life!!!

    I took my exam on 12/12 and it still shows in transit to AAPC.. Is there a fast forward button on life where I can just move up a few days to see results? Hasn't anyone invented this yet? :confused: