CPC exam - Is there any tips anyone

Marysville, WA
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Is there any tips anyone can give me to help me with the integumentary system with the differences between simple intermediate and complex repairs? I understand some of it, but then some of the verbiage is the same in the simple and intermediate so its confusing.

Do you have a Procedure Desk Reference? That should help. It will explain most CPT codes in very easy to understand language. If you don't have one, go to a local AAPC meeting and ask. If there isn't anyone there that knows the officers should help you find someone that knows. From what I remember a simple repair is wound is superficial, or only one layer of stitches. Intermediate repair is if the wound needed to be cleaned because of a lot of matter in it, or multiple layers of stitches. Complex repair is reconstructive . I hope this helps.
Simple is single layer closure

Intermediate is layered closure, or single layer contaminated requiring extensive cleaning or removal of particles

Complex is more than layered closure, There may be mention of scar revision, stents, retention sutures etc