1. J

    Wiki ◇ CPC-A seeking part-time remote coding/billing position ! ◇

    Email me at: ContactJMichelle@gmail.com Work History ◇ Orthopedic Specialists Clinic Oct 2015 – present Work in the billing department as a certified professional coder Will provide references and contact information if inquired Education ◇ Received my CPC at a Community College...
  2. J

    Wiki CPC-A looking for part time remote position !

    Email me at: ContactJMichelle@gmail.com Work History ◇ Orthopedic Specialists Clinic Oct 2015 – present Work in the billing department as a certified professional coder Will provide references and contact information if inquired Education...
  3. J

    Wiki Expert E/M Coders Needed (REMOTE)

    Contract E/M CODER - Aviacode is looking for 3-4 expert PRIMARY CARE E/M coders that can work a minimum of 15+ hours a week. This is for a long-term remote coding position, with the opportunity to move to a FTE or supervisory position.. Reports to: Coding Supervisor/Manager Employment Status...
  4. U

    Wiki Billing Specialist job opening

    If anyone knows of someone interested in a position in billing, please have them send me their resume. The position will be posting charges/payments, working denials and patient a/r. My email is kbates@uasenc.com. We are located in Wilmington, NC. Thank you
  5. S

    Wiki Looking for a Certified Coder, Aliso Viejo, CA

    Posted Position Title Specialist- Medical Billing - Coder About Us What do you envision for your future? At GE Healthcare, we strive to see life more clearly. Our "healthymagination" vision for the future invites the world to join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations focused...
  6. J

    Wiki Goals and A Path

    Hey guys, I'm Joe, new to coding/medical/healthcare field So I took a coding course with Career Step, completed it and I am going for the CPC test this Saturday!!! I was told to look at jobs and even apply now. I am currently working in registration a local hospital near me. I am in MA west...
  7. breadjitjownz

    Wiki contract jobs, any advice?

    My current position is ending in march due to a role elimination. I might have a new position lined up, but...... I am wondering about contract work and how it... uh... works. I mean, I get that every place is different but overall how does it work? I would specifically like to hear from people...
  8. J

    Wiki Looking for a medical coding or billing position in Gainesville, GA area

    I'm currently looking for a medical coding or billing position near the Gainesville,GA area. I am currently CPC certified and have 3 years of experience with Urgent Care, Speech and Hearing and HCc coding. Please email me @ jackiefdelossantos@yahoo.com with any information, Thank you, Jackie De...
  9. R

    Wiki e4e - Remote Position

    Has anyone worked with e4e Healthcare Services as a remote HCC coder for Altegra? Has anyone experienced scams when trying to find a remote coding position? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  10. M

    Wiki Pre-Employment Testing

    Has any one ever applied for a coding position with MModal or any other company that requires one of these tests? I've been in the same position the past 12 years and am looking to make a leap. They want me to take a test and I may be a little rusty since I've only done what my job has...
  11. E

    Wiki Looking for a PT coding position to go Full time??????

    Hello, I am Em Lewis currently working as a PT coder on the weekends and needing to add a new vendor as the volume of work I can do has slowed significantly. My contact information : oldflame727@hotmail.com. I have /am coding for another client is slow with work. I am both CPC - A certified...
  12. T

    Wiki Looking for PT Remote Coding Position

    Hello! I am newly certified in ICD-10 and am looking for a PT remote position to get started on my coding career. I worked in an ED as a scribe, so I am very familiar with medical terminology, procedures, diagnoses, and recording all pertinent aspects of physician encounters with patients. My...
  13. S

    Wiki CPC/COBGC seeking remote position

    Experienced in OB/GYN coding, auditing, and billing. seeking a remote position. Benefits not needed.
  14. L

    Wiki Physician coder needed for onsite full time position Ruston,LA

    Currently looking for a full time coder for a multi specialty physician practice in Ruston, Louisiana. Job is an onsite position. M-F / 8-5. Please send resumes to lknight@green-clinic.com or fax to 318-251-6116 attn: LKnight
  15. H

    Wiki Z code sequencing

    in the use of z codes, I do understand there are some that are first position, and it certainly depends on the documentation. in ICD-9, V codes, unless in first position, went after regular codes, and before E codes, in my experience and understanding. So, I am trying to find a definitive...
  16. E

    Wiki New graduate looking for remote coding position

    New graduate looking for remote coding position. CPC certified! Help! I am looking for remote coding positions.. I am CPC certified. Thank you! eaallison416@aol.com
  17. A

    Wiki Inpatient Coder II Salary Range

    Good Afternoon, I am doing some research on coder salaries and was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing salary ranges for an Inpatient Coder II position. This would be someone who codes BOTH inpatient and outpatient accounts in a facility setting. Thank you!
  18. L

    Wiki CPC-A, ICD-10 proficient. Looking for an entry level coding position. Oxford, Alabama

    Lynn Gerbig Email: soco102000@yahoo.com
  19. alambmichigan

    Wiki CPC looking for Remote Coding Position

    I am a very motivated and quick learner with over 18 years of experience in, HCC coding, oral and maxillofacial surgery, E/R profee, family practice, urology, critical care, PT/OT looking for a remote coding position. I am also ICD-10 proficient. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank...
  20. B

    Wiki In search of Entry Medical Biller Position!

    My name is Suzanne and I live in Deltona, FL (about 45 min north of Orlando). I am in search of an entry level medical biller position near my residence. I recently completed the Medical Billing program with the AAPC. Any leads please let me know! Thanks!
  21. B

    Wiki CPC looking for remote coder position

    I have 3 years experience in OB/GYN coding and I am currently looking for a remote coder position. If anybody has any leads let me know. Thank you, Britni
  22. J

    Wiki Coders Needed - Portland, OR

    Multnomah County Health Department of Portland, Oregon has two openings for medical coders. Click here to apply. https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/multnomah/jobs/1218758/finance-technician-medical-coder-auditor-open-until-filled If you have any questions about the position or...
  23. A

    Wiki What are the "Typical" Employment Benefits a Coder might receive?

    I am looking into changing my career to Medical Coding. I come from a higher education background and work for the government. I have excellent benefits, but the position is truly not for me. I am wondering if anyone can give any insight as to their experience with benefits for coders (remote...
  24. T

    Wiki AR Follow up opportunity

    My office is looking for an AR follow up Representative. We are located in Sandy Springs GA. If you are looking for an AR follow up position and have 3-5 years experience please email me at tragin.aos@gmail.com.
  25. B

    Wiki CPC Looking for work!!- Located in NYC Area currently working in NYC Private Hospital

    Hello Hiring Managers, I recently passed my CPC exam and have one (1) year experience in dealing with ICD and CPT codes. I'm now looking to land an actual position coding full or part time, remote or onsite. I'm an extremely fast learner and hard worker looking to make a mark in the next...
  26. S

    Wiki Professional CPC for Busy Radiology and Pathology Office

    We are seeking a professional CPC for our Radiology and Pathology Professional Billing and Coding Office. This position is Full-time and would be Temporary, however may lead to a permanent position. We are located in Stroudsburg Pa. and would like to have an in house coder, but will consider...
  27. G

    Wiki job

    hello, my physician group(UROLOGY) is looking to fill a medical charge entry/coding and billing position, also a position to do A/R appeals and work denials. we are located in downtown Albuquerque full time positions only, no certification needed. CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS II, CMS-1500 is required if...
  28. T

    Wiki Recently obtained CPC-A, looking for a job!

    Hello, I just finished the AAPC course and passed my CPC exam! I've been applying to all sorts of coding jobs but most want experience. I am an x-ray tech with 8 years hospital experience and am wanting to branch over into coding. I would love a remote position but again most of those want...
  29. K

    Wiki Remote Medical Billing and Coding Position

    Hello all, My name is Kristy (CPC-A). I have recently worked to get the (A) taken off my CPC certification. Like many others, I am in search of a Remote Coding Job. I earned my license back in 2012 through AAPC. I currently work for a local healthcare organization in a Patient Registration...
  30. C

    Wiki Searching for Remote Coding Position

    Hello all, My name is Chelsea (CPC-A). Like many others, I am in search of a Remote Coding Job. I earned my license back in 2013 through AAPC. I recently took AAPC's ICD-10 Proficiency exam and passed as well. I have been working for 3 months now as a Medical Coder/Biller in an Ophthalmology...
  31. A

    Wiki Looking for remote coding

    Hi, I am a CPC looking for a remote coding position. If anything is available that you know please let me know!
  32. J

    Wiki Multi-Specialty E/M Coder Wanted (Remote 1099 Position) - Aviacode is looking for Mul

    Aviacode is looking for Multi-Specialty E/M coders (remote 1099 position). See the job description and how to apply here: https://goo.gl/Jb6tiS
  33. W

    Wiki ISO Part Time Remote Billing Position

    Hi i am currently iso of a part time billing position that i can do in the evenings. I currently work full time for a health insurance company, but need to pick up something extra for the afternoons to earn extra income. I am located in south Louisiana. Please let me know if you know of anything...