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Hello, I just finished the AAPC course and passed my CPC exam! I've been applying to all sorts of coding jobs but most want experience. I am an x-ray tech with 8 years hospital experience and am wanting to branch over into coding. I would love a remote position but again most of those want experience. If anyone knows of any positions or leads for me I would appreciate it, thanks so much! Please email with any info or reply to post if you prefer.

Thanks again,

Tina CPC-A
Recently obtained CPC-A

Hello Tina,

I too have recently obtained my CPC-A (first try !!) CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU !! Have you applied to any of the Xtern sites offered in your area? I applied by sending my resume along with my proof of passing the CPC-A and have had a promising interview all within 2 days. This would most likely be your best avenue to gain experience based upon conversations that I have had with those who have been in coding for years. Also, join your local AAPC chapter.
As for working remotely, that will DEFINATELY be later down the line for both you and I due to our inexperience. Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK !!
I'm a recent CPC-A as well. Was wondering what extern sites you were referring to and how to find those? I"m in Colorado. Thanks! And good luck to us all!