1. T

    Question Alternative Entry Level positions?

    I'm looking for suggestions on entry level positions in healthcare/insurance, specifically job titles, that I can use in my job search engine. I've used "patient registration", "medical records", and of course, "billing"/"coding". With a BS in Microbiology, I spent the last ten years working in...
  2. WinterKage

    CPC-A Seeking Position

    I passed my exam in September and I am looking for a position in the Columbus, Ohio area. I have a lot of experience with data entry and as a pastry chef at the Columbus Convention Center I pay a lot of attention to detail even when working on high volumes of things on a tight schedule. I am an...
  3. J

    CPC-A, Experienced HDS, Seeking Coding Positions Remotely or in Michigan

    I am a dedicated CPC-A seeking a fitting position in this field to utilize my meticulous detail-oriented skills, over 4 years of healthcare documentation experience, and extensive knowledge of medical coding. Please see the attached resume for further details. Thank you!
  4. C

    Cpc_a resume for remote coding position

    Courtney Beth Gainey (Burk) CPC-A 1400 Margina Ave Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Phone: (678)654-7644 E-mail: courtneybethgainey@msn.com PROFILE: Highly capable and detail-oriented professional seeking a Medical Coding position to utilize and enhance industry knowledge and coding education...
  5. C

    C.Washington BSN, RN CPC-A

    I am interested in obtaining a full time, part-time, or PRN medical coding position. I am a Bachelor prepared Registered Nurse with 7 years of experience in a wide variety of areas. I completed coding classes through AAPC while in high school and obtained my CPC-A certification in 2010. I have...
  6. E


    Got my CPC-A last spring, but have been severely slacking in working on getting the A dropped. I don't use codes in my current position so I am looking to self educate myself. Anyone have any tips on FREE tools to practice my skills? I want to get a coding job eventually, but definitely to brush...
  7. 3

    CPC-A with proven relevant skills seeking F/T position in Miami, FL

    kathryn.kondrad@gmail.com An experienced professional who passed the CPC certification exam on the first try, I am seeking a new career in medical coding with an outstanding organization and can be reached at kathryn.kondrad@gmail.com or 786-400-5967. My prior work experience (complex...
  8. 3

    CPC-A with proven relevant skills looking for F/T position in Miami

    Kathryn Kondrad, 11545 SW 109 Road, Apt. W, Miami, FL 33176. An experienced professional who passed the CPC certification exam on the first try, I am excited to embark on a new career in medical coding with an outstanding organization and can be reached at kathryn.kondrad@gmail.com or...
  9. R

    CPC-A, Portland - newly certified, looking for a coding position (remote or in PDX)

    Hello all, I got my CPC-A certification last month, and am currently working towards removing the apprentice status from CPC-A (taking Practicode experience from AAPC). I have a Masters from PSU in Public Administration (few years back) and have some work experience, but do not have any...
  10. R

    CPC-A Coder in Orlando area looking for a chance

    My name is Elizabeth Lavery and I earned my CPC-A in August 2017. I currently work for a company named PhysAssist, who employs physician's scribes. Through hard work and determination, I have learned a lot in my time with the company and will only continue to grow. What I lack in experience I...
  11. A

    Job Help

    Hello, I received my coding certification in September, 2017. Since this, I have been actively applying for jobs every day. With a bachelors degree in Life Science, I was hoping to find a coding job by now. However, I am now becoming discouraged and hoping that someone has advice or knows of...
  12. M

    CPC-A looking for Remote Emoloyment

    Hello, I have 1 year of education experience in medical billing and coding. I am a military spouse who frequently moves around the U.S. I am looking for long term employment where I can continue to learn and grow in the field of coding. Thanks Amanda Moffeit
  13. L

    CPC-A seeking entry-level coding position in the Denver metro area.

    I have been working in healthcare for 22 years. I passed my CPC exam on 4/22 with a score of 90%. I am seeking an entry-level position in the Denver area. My resume is attached. Any guidance or job leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Laura.
  14. C


    I just wanted to hop online for a minute to encourage the CPC-As to not give up. I earned my CPC-A designation of February of last year and have put in applications every few months to try to break into coding. I was offered a full time coding position a few weeks ago. My start date is two...
  15. J

    CPC-A Removal

    I've been working as medical payment poster and billing to secondary insurance payer for one year, so I am not sure if this experience can be used to remove the CPC-A status. I know it is necessary two years of experience , but I want to know if I should look for a different experience.At the...
  16. P

    CPC-A, looking for remote coding

    I am an MBA graduate with Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. I am currently pursuing a certification in Medical Billing and Coding from Queens College, City University of New York( will be done by Jan 27th). I am looking forward for a career in Medical Billing/Coding. I have also volunteered my...
  17. Z

    CPC-A, Honor Grad - Resume feedback, please

    Hi, I am an honor graduate from Career Step (Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS) and I am certified through AAPC (CPC-A). Would somebody be willing to review my resume and let me know what you think, please? Good points, bad points, etc. Being a military spouse and living...
  18. L

    New coder with no billing experience

    Hi, May I ask for your advice? I am employed as an X-ray and MRI tech. I want to move into the business side of medicine so I became CPC-A certified in May of 2016. I did a 12 week Externship ( Remote) which introduced me to billing. I am also working on Practicode to remove the A. I have...
  19. T

    CPC-A Seeking Employment

    I received my CPC certification in April of 2016, externed at an Neurotologist office from May to August, 2016 and am currently employed as a Claims Processor. My goal is to work from home but I am willing to work in-house until I have enough experience to achieve that goal.
  20. M

    CPC-A looking for work in Hampton Roads, Virginia

    I recently passed the CPC exam and would really appreciate an opportunity to work in the medical coding field. If you're looking for someone who works hard and learns fast, please e-mail me at mptabor14@gmail.com. Thank you, P. Tabor, CPC-A
  21. C

    Newly Certified… Confused about Job Search

    I just got my CPC-A in Nothern NJ, have started job searching and just had my first interview. Many questions, few answers. I have been told it is difficult to get a coding job with no experience, so you need to get your foot in the door first. I just went on an interview for a billing job...
  22. S

    Certified Medical Coder seeking remote or onsite positions

    I have recently completed the AAPC online Medical Coding course and have received my CPC-A certification. I am looking to join a company that I can learn and grow with as well as apply the skills I have learned. I am open to remote and onsite positions. I have a quiet home office where I can...
  23. M

    Detail-Oriented and Highly Motivated CPC-A, Hampton Roads, Annapolis, Boston

    Recently passed my CPC exam on my first attempt and also have CBCS certification. I have successfully completed a medical billing and coding program and a medical terminology course at a local community college, as well as completed an AAPC CPC virtual training program (passing all with A...

    Cpc-a seeking opportunities

    Recently passed the CPC Exam on first attempt. I had completed CPC courses from AAPC including Anatomy, Medical Terminology and Physician Based Medical Coding and my final grades were 95%, 88% and 89% respectively. I also charted 600 cases on Practicode which provides me a year experience toward...
  25. B

    CPC-A looking for work

    I'm a newly certified medical coder from the Ogden, Utah area looking for a part time job. Willing to work in an office or remotely.
  26. H

    CPC-A Seeking Remote or Nearby entry Level Coding Position - Palatine, IL

    Motivated, personable, punctual, honest, detail oriented and an excellent team player. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels. Flexible and versatile – able to remain calm and helpful under pressure. Excellent problem solver. My resume is attached. Kindly...
  27. B

    Cpc-a looking for remote coding opportunity

    Elizabeth Marie Marti Tomah, WI 54660 US Mobile: 608-343-3763 Email: beth.marti21@gmail.com Availability:Job Type: Permanent Work Schedule: Part-Time Desired locations: United States - WI - Tomah Work Experience: Department Of Veterans Affairs 500 E Veterans Street Tomah, WI 54660 United...
  28. A

    CPC-A Looking For Employment ANYWHERE

    Good Day! My name is Jeanette Archibeque and I live in Roswell, NM. I recently separated from my most current employer and I am looking for a new opportunity. I currently have a CPC-A with an A.A.S in Medical Billing and Coding. I have about three years of experience in the medical field. I...
  29. J

    Nurse Coder in Orlando

  30. L

    CPC-A Looking for Externship in Delaware

    Hello my name is LeeAnn and I am seeking a Certified Coder externship in Dover,DE. Please email me at leeann08@ymail.com if you would like to talk to me or have any leads for a externship site. Thank You LeeAnn Dove, CPC-A.
  31. A

    opportunities for newly-credentialed CPC-A?

    Hi all. This is my first post. I don't doubt that this question has been put out there a bunch of times already, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for someone in my position: credentialed for the first time (hence the apprentice status), *technically* no job experience in coding but...
  32. C

    Diligent worker/student desiring coding work

    After spending 11 years in the retail industry, I became dissatisfied with my ability to turn on autopilot when I walked through the doors to work and my inability to differentiate between one day and the next. I decided to take the next step and invest some time and energy into going back to...
  33. G

    Newly Certified CPC-A Seeking Opportunities in the Sacramento?Roseville Area

    Also I am available for remote and in office opportunities at an Entry level.
  34. H

    CPC-A With Current Coding Experience

    I recently obtained a Medical Coding certificate with high honors from an AAPC and AHIMA accredited institution. As a CPC-A, I am looking for any positions in the Central Pennsylvania area but am willing to relocate, or accept remote positions as applicable, which will utilize my ICD-10...
  35. A

    CPC-A Practicum (Practicode)

    Has anyone purchased this program and do you recommend it? I am graduating from a Health Records Coding Program next Friday. I interviewed for a position this week and I was given an offer for employment. There was an oversight on HR's part, in the job description it says they require CPC. I...
  36. K

    CPC-A, RN, BSN Seeking Entry-Level Position in Wisconsin or Remote

    CPC-A, RN, BSN with 15+ years of clinical and administrative healthcare experience in inpatient and outpatient settings including: medical, surgical, mother-infant, special care nursery, pediatrics, family practice and occupational health. I'm seeking an entry-level position for outpatient...
  37. C

    New CPC-A problems with understanding Practicode

    So I passed my certification exam in December, got up-to-date with ICD-10, and spent two weeks waiting for Practicode to work. Now I'm using it, still on the first module, and I'm having trouble with knowing how detailed I'm supposed to be when coding, especially long cases. My trouble seems to...
  38. G

    CPC-A Looking for part-time remote Medical Coding position

    I have taken the online training course in medical coding and I have passed my CPC test. I do not have actual coding experience, but I do have extensive experience in related fields. I have 15+ years of experience working in Texas State government performing complex and detail oriented tasks...
  39. M

    CPC-A, COC-A seeking part-time remote position

    Hello - I received my CPC-A in December 2015 and COC-A in March 2016. I currently work for a health insurance company, and am looking for a part-time, remote coding position to gain some real-world experience and begin my coding career. My resume is attached and I would love to hear from...
  40. C

    CPC-A Experienced in Billing & Coding Orthopedics, PA & OH Workers Compensation

    CPC-A Experienced in Billing & Coding Orthopedics, PA & OH Workers Compensation COLLEEN PARKER,CPC-A CMPWORKS@GMAIL.COM 724-822-1456 107 HOGG LANE • SLIPPERY ROCK, PA 16057 Background Summary Compassionate, reliable individual who has completed Pittsburgh Technical Institute’s accredited...
  41. L

    CPC-A : Jump Start Coding Career

    A newly Certified Coding Profession ready to jump start my career as a Coding. Over 15 years in clinical and administrated position, treating and mongering various diseases and conditions, medical compliance, auditor and maintain proficiency of a clinical lab. Searching for a position that will...
  42. T

    Resume: April Rosenberger CPC-A

    April Rosenberger 1354 Russ Road Jackson, Ohio 45640 Thomasa3april@aol.com 740-577-7997/ 740-710-2356 Objective Highly capable, resourceful and detail-oriented person, seeking job opportunities to demonstrate medical administrative strengths. Solid work history showing a track record of...
  43. H

    CPC-A and ICD-10 Proficient Candidate Seeking Remote Part-Time Medical Coder Position

  44. P

    Seeking Coder Employment for CPC-A coder in the Northcentral Arkansas Area

    Willing to work for less money for employment. Will accept constructive criticism. Will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Phillip Southern 1102...
  45. K

    Cpc-a who needs some experience

    Hello. I am in the Rochester, NY area and have my cpc-a and I am looking for some experience. Everyone wants experience, how do I get it? I went back to school for my CPc-a after working as a speech therapist for 16 years. I worked in a medical record dept at a local hospital through college...
  46. M

    CPC-A jobs in Québec canada

    Hi,is there any jobs available for CPc medical coding in Quebec Canada. I have experience in ICD 10cm Hospital ,outpatient and physician charts.
  47. E

    Looking for a PT coding position to go Full time??????

    Hello, I am Em Lewis currently working as a PT coder on the weekends and needing to add a new vendor as the volume of work I can do has slowed significantly. My contact information : oldflame727@hotmail.com. I have /am coding for another client is slow with work. I am both CPC - A certified...
  48. D

    New CPC-A coder, ICD-10 Proficient looking for a position around Arlington, TX

    I'm a new CPC-A coder, ICD-10 proficient and I also have a Medical Secretary Associates degree from NDSCS. I have 5 years experience working in the Emergency Department as a Unit Secretary. Please contact me for my resume or other information. Tracey Henderson
  49. S

    New CPC-A coder, ICD-10 Proficient looking for a position around Gilbertsville, PA

    I'm a new CPC-A coder, ICD-10 proficient and I also graduated from Medical Office Assistant Program, Montgomery County Community College (Suma Cum Laude) Please contact me for my resume or other information. Silvia Shambo
  50. S

    Newly CPC-A and ICD 10 proficient looking for any internship or work

    New CPC-A and ICD 10 proficiency looking for work/internship in Rochester, NY SINOUN PARINA, CPC-A 45 N Hollow Road, Rochester, NY 14626 (C)585-354-7410 (E)Sinounseng2009@yahoo.com CERTIFICATION Certified Professional Coder Apprentice (CPC-A) Medical Terminology Certificate AFFILIATIONS...