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    Wiki CPC-A resume/job application question

    I'm a CPC-A working on my resume to apply for various medical coding job openings. My question in general is - what are entry-level medical coders suppose to put down for work experience when they have none (only experience via program coursework and passing certification(s) etc.)?
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    Wiki Experienced Biller and Coder looking for Coding/Billing Opportunities

    Magdalene M. Dorsey 616 Gold Sand Road, Louisburg, NC 27549 Home: (919) 853-9000 – Cell: (919) 441-0408 - magdalene5836@gmail.com Education Associate of Applied Science Vance Granville Community College Area of study: Medical Coding Cumulative GPA: 3.773 Graduated: May 2014 High...
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    Wiki CPC outpatient coder 3 yr experience looking for job in NW region or remote position

    Caitlin Cutting EMail:clcutting00@gmail.com Objective Looking for a position where my coding, technology, and organizational skills can be used to help a company to reach their goals. Education Certified Professional Coder Certification AAPC-CPC Aug 2016 CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10, HCPCs...
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    Wiki CPC with 1+ year of experience, multi-specialty, midwestern Illinois

    Completed credentialed AAPC Medical Billing and Coding Program in July 2017. Earned CPC in June 2017. Willing to travel initially if there is a possibility of position becoming remote. Otherwise looking for a position located in midwestern Illinois, southeastern Iowa, or northeastern...
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    Wiki CPC-A Removal

    I've been working as medical payment poster and billing to secondary insurance payer for one year, so I am not sure if this experience can be used to remove the CPC-A status. I know it is necessary two years of experience , but I want to know if I should look for a different experience.At the...
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    Wiki Seeking coder position in Tulsa, OK

    I am looking for a full time position in Tulsa. I have years of experience in coding, and used to work for a major insurance company. Willing to learn specialties if needed.
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    Wiki Best ways to gain experience needed for jobs? What has worked for you? Help needed!

    How do I gain the experience in coding that it seems all employers require for basic coding jobs? I have read that it is possible to volunteer at hospitals or doctors offices-have any of you done this to get experience, and how did you go about approaching places? Are there jobs such as office...
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    Wiki CPC-A Practicum (Practicode)

    Has anyone purchased this program and do you recommend it? I am graduating from a Health Records Coding Program next Friday. I interviewed for a position this week and I was given an offer for employment. There was an oversight on HR's part, in the job description it says they require CPC. I...
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    Wiki Request for guidance

    Dear AAPC Medical Coding Forum, I am 43 years-old with a chronic health condition and began a Medical Coding Certificate Program through my local community college last spring. So far, I have completed Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and this semester I am...
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    Wiki certified ED Medical coder

    Hi, I am certified coder (COC-A) from India, with 4 yr. experience In ER Professional and facility experience. Iam interested to work from home. If any Remote coding oppurtunities are there for Emergency room . Please inform. My Mail ID is lavakumars@yahoo.co.in
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    Wiki Experienced Coder looking for recommendations for Remote Coding with flexible hours

    Can anyone recommend a company/agency looking for coders with some experience and flexible hours? I can't work a straight 9-5, I'm looking for something where I can work part-time or break up the hours because the contract I was hired for ended unexpectedly, with no notice. Pay can be...
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    Wiki Category II codes

    I know these codes are optional, but I am interested in learning more about when to report them. I'd appreciate hearing about anyone's experience.
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    Wiki CPC w/ over 3 years experience looking for REMOTE coding

    Hello! I am looking for a remote coding position; either part time or full time. I have several years experience, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration. Please feel free to contact me via email with any opportunities and I will provide my complete resume. Best regards...
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    Wiki Cpc-a who needs some experience

    Hello. I am in the Rochester, NY area and have my cpc-a and I am looking for some experience. Everyone wants experience, how do I get it? I went back to school for my CPc-a after working as a speech therapist for 16 years. I worked in a medical record dept at a local hospital through college...
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    Wiki Remote Coder Needed for Pain Management

    Opening for a Full Time Remote Coder for a busy Pain Management Practice. Must be Certified Professional Coder and ICD-10 Proficient. Pain Management Experience is a Plus as well as Experience with Clinix EMR. If interested, email your resume to vcicchetti@medi-corp.com
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    Wiki Does Practicode with obtaining employment

    My question is directed to both employers and coders who present Practicode as their main coding experience. Does this program make a beginning coder more attractive for employment? Are beginning coders (e.g., one year experience) able to get job offers with this program as their primary or...
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    Wiki Telemedicine

    Has anyone had experience coding for Telemedicine? Looking for any input and codes that you have used.
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    Wiki Seeking entry level position to gain enough experience SO I CAN CERTIFY!!!! RN for 25

    MARGARET KATHLEEN SOFFOS 7 Pine Tree Road, Cabot, AR 72023 katsof@mac.com SUMMARY: Seasoned RN with more than 30 years of experience in fast-paced acute care setting. Now disabled and seeking a position in Health Information Management. I have recently completed courses in CPT, ICD9 and ICD 10...
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    Wiki Remote PRO FEE/ED Auditor Needed FT

    Exciting Remote opening to join the HCCS Auditing team. If this is something that interests you, please email me your resume to my contact information listed below. We currently have an opening for an experienced, certified, and remote Pro Fee and ED Auditor. In this role, you will be...
  20. C

    Wiki NP HealthResources

    Does anyone have any experience working for NP HealthResources as a Remote independent contractor?
  21. J

    Wiki In search of a coding/billing job

    Iso billing coding opportunity salisbury/concord nc area , taking cpc exam in march. I have 14 plus years experience in the medical field . I just need someone to help me get that spot that i am looking for. Too help me get into the coding/billing field, i have very little experience with the...
  22. B

    Wiki Documenting Coding Experience

    I'm a recently certified coder. The practice that I work for has chosen to have me assist in their coding. My question is how should I go about reporting my upcoming work experience to AAPC so that I can have my "apprentice" tag removed? I was thinking I'd just get the head of the practice to...
  23. L

    Wiki FT Coder needed for cardiology practice in San Antonio, TX

    Full time medical coder needed for cardiology practice in the medical center. Experience in cardiology is preferred --- Compensation is based on experience Is a work on site position Please fax resumes to 210-253-6717 or email to lrodriguez@rnschnitzler.com thank you!!
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    Wiki Codebusters

    Has anyone heard of the company Codebusters? They seem a little too good to be true and I was curious if anyone has experience with them. Thanks!
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    Wiki AR Follow up opportunity

    My office is looking for an AR follow up Representative. We are located in Sandy Springs GA. If you are looking for an AR follow up position and have 3-5 years experience please email me at tragin.aos@gmail.com.
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    Wiki CPC remote coder looking for ways to gain more experience in the coding world.

    Hi everyone! I am requesting any suggestions in how I can gain more experience in outpatient coding and have this stand out in a resume? I am currently working for a company doing OP Cardiac Cath Lab and Peripheral vascular coding for about a year and 4 months. I want to experience and do more...
  27. A

    Wiki New CPC-A looking for employment

    I passed the cpc exam in December and have been actively looking for employment and I must say I am feeling disappointed in all the coding jobs I see. They all want 2+ years experience and how are we supposed to get any experience if no one will hire us? I've applied to probably 18 jobs in the...
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    Wiki FT onsite, coder needed

    Oklahoma City - Large multi-specialty physician group. E/M experience helpful. Please contact Terri @ 405-553-0852, for more information.
  29. F

    Wiki Remote 1099 Position- Payment posting Chirotouch Experience

    PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOU HAVE CHIROTOUCH EXPERIENCE.- We are growing and have an opening for or a 1099, remote, payment posting/eob review position . Individual must have experience in current version of Chirotouch. This position is responsible for posting insurance payments, working...
  30. S

    Wiki Any Coding Externship available in Winston Salem NC ?

    coding Any tips for a new coder ?
  31. J

    Wiki E/M & Surgery Coder Needed (Remote, Contract) - Gastroenterology

    Hi Coders, Aviacode is looking for coders that can code both E/M and SURGERIES for the following specialties: Cardiology Gastroenterology General Surgery Nephorology Neurology Neurosurgery Orthopedic Pulmonology If you have experience in one or more of those specialties with BOTH E/M and Surgery...
  32. J

    Wiki E/M & Surgery Coder Needed (Remote, Contract)

    Hi Coders, Aviacode is looking for coders that can code both E/M and SURGERIES for the following specialties: Cardiology Gastroenterology General Surgery Nephorology Neurology Neurosurgery Orthopedic Pulmonology If you have experience in one or more of those specialties with BOTH E/M and Surgery...
  33. T

    Wiki Recently obtained CPC-A, looking for a job!

    Hello, I just finished the AAPC course and passed my CPC exam! I've been applying to all sorts of coding jobs but most want experience. I am an x-ray tech with 8 years hospital experience and am wanting to branch over into coding. I would love a remote position but again most of those want...
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    Wiki Remote Medical Billing and Coding, Kissimmee, FL

    My name is Wanda Colondres in search of a remote billing or coding position, I have over 10 years experience in Medical billing and I am a certified CPC.
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    Wiki CPC with experience located in ALABAMA looking for remote or in office work!

    Please email meredithray0430@gmail.com
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    Wiki Medical Secretary/Coder

    Hello I am looking for a full time Medical Secretary/Coding position. I am a recent graduate from Texas Career Center for Medical Coding will obtain my CPC-A after I take the State Exam in January 2016. I have a Medical Secretary Degree and 5 years ER experience. You may contact me at my email...
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    Wiki I am Looking for Volunteer Job

    Hi I am looking for volunteer job as a medical coder. I am a CPC certified coder. I am ICD 10 proficient too. I have 5 years of US healthcare professional experience as a medical coding, teleradiology, healthcare adjudication, medical transcription etc. I am recently moved to California. I was...
  38. K

    Wiki Job opportunity- hannibal mo

    Medical Office Coder/Hospital Coder: E/M coding of physician professional services along with exposure to inpatient/outpatient coding. 1 year experience in coding preferred. Requirements: High School Diploma or GED. 1 year experience in health care organization. CPC OR CPC-A certification...
  39. L

    Wiki _seeking employment

    MAA-BCSC Certified I am a recent graduate of a medical billing and coding program in my area and am seeking employment as a remote medical coder and biller. I was trained on ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS codes. However, working in a doctor's office, outpatient facility, etc in any capacity in...
  40. A

    Wiki Looking for coders

    ADVOCATE Radiology Billing & Reimbursement Specialists is an innovative leader in the national radiology reimbursement and management sector of the US healthcare industry. Through our integrated family of solutions, we contribute outstanding technical insight with client-friendly services to...
  41. J

    Wiki How to get Experience?

    I will be finishing my coding courses within a month. How can I get a job as a coder when employers will only hire experienced coders? Please help!!!! Which certification is the best to obtain? Thanks! :)
  42. A

    Wiki What classifies as experience?

    Hello-I am currently waiting results from my CPC Exam and am noticing that all job postings require experience. If one were to find employment in a related field: billing, medical secretary etc.., does this count as the coveted experience? What type experience are the hiring managers looking...
  43. W

    Wiki CPC with in-Facility Experience seeking Remote Position

    Hello, My name is Tatiana and I am desiring to work from home on a part-time or contract basis. I have my CPC and have over three years of in-facility coding experience working with Intermountain Healthcare in Utah. Some of the skills I have been able to develop as a patient service rep/...
  44. C

    Wiki Externship sites needed in Utah - Davis, Weber or Salt Lake Counties

    I am an instructor at the Davis Applied Technology College (DATC) in Kaysville, Utah. We are trying to start an externship program for our students who are doing the medical coding and billing program. If interested in hosting an externship site please contact me at 801-663-9823 or at...
  45. J

    Wiki New and Confused

    I am a new graduate. I graduated from MHCC with an associate of science in medical office management. I really love coding and I want to do this. I take my CPC exam at the end of this month. My problem is finding a job. I have looked for a few months now and nobody will hire me without at least...
  46. D

    Wiki Many years and multi-specialty experience. Looking for work from home part time

    I'm looking to find some PT work from home coding or auditing. I have many years experience in just about every specialty. I just would like to make some extra money in my not so spare time. Thank you for looking. Kellie Denton 6850 Boggs Lane Kelseyville, CA 95451 Phone 707-349-3057 E-mail...
  47. O

    Wiki CRNA Experience

    Hi everyone, I have just recently become a cpc and i have just starting doing coding for a group of certified registered nurse anesthetists, if anyone has any experience in this area, I would love to hear from you. Our CRNA's do work for a few gastroentrology places and 2 urology centers, if...