Best ways to gain experience needed for jobs? What has worked for you? Help needed!


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How do I gain the experience in coding that it seems all employers require for basic coding jobs? I have read that it is possible to volunteer at hospitals or doctors offices-have any of you done this to get experience, and how did you go about approaching places? Are there jobs such as office assistants at medical offices or hospitals that give experience coding, so that I could gain experience while being earning a salary? I really can't afford do a year or more of volunteering to get experience before I am even qualified to get a paying coding job! I am very interested in doing Project Xtern, so that is one way to get experience, but not a year or more's worth.

I am looking into medical office -type jobs and planning on taking the CPC test, hopefully this is something that twill help me find a job.
Are there other ways of getting the experience that I need that I should look into? What worked for those of you who needed experience to get a job?
-Meg K
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