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    A reason for new coders to stay driven!

    This is my most recent post on LinkedIn and I thought it would be a great share. I've received many messages and emails from people here on AAPC, and I want to help you all. I thought this was the easiest way to give some perspective. :) An insider perspective: #Healthcare Positions I have...
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    Orthopedic Surgical Coder (Certified)

    Coding since 2018. Looking for part time or contract work coding trauma, other orthopedic surgeries, or office visits. Please email for inquiries
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    Question Coding-adjacent positions available?

    A few months ago, I completed a certificate program at my local community college and got my CPC-A, but it seems that nobody will take on new hires without coding experience. Are there any entry level jobs that would be helpful for getting a coding job? Ideally, it would be something less...
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    Question What is STO coding?

    There is a job posting on that says, "Medical Coder (STO and Inpatient Facility and Profee Fees ONLY)" What is STO?
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    CPC-A, Experienced HDS, Seeking Coding Positions Remotely or in Michigan

    I am a dedicated CPC-A seeking a fitting position in this field to utilize my meticulous detail-oriented skills, over 4 years of healthcare documentation experience, and extensive knowledge of medical coding. Please see the attached resume for further details. Thank you!
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    Help me choose my frist coding job.

    Hello, first I thought I should tell you all my experience, then what the jobs are and what they offer, then the problems I see with each. This would be my first coding job and I just really want it work out well. So first I want to say, everything I know about coding I taught myself. So I feel...
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    Are You Ready for Real-world Coding?

    I don't feel ready for real-world coding. I passed the CPC exam last month and I'm doing Practicode now. My scores are all over the place. Medical coding is a long-term goal and a stepping stone for me to start a medical billing company after I retire in a few years. When I feel "proficient" at...
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    Please sign petition to stop-offshoring HIM jobs Please follow the link and sign this petition to stop off-shoring HIM jobs!
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    New CPC-A seeking a remote coding position

    Newly certified CPC-A seeking a full or part-time remote position. I am a dedicated worker who is detailed oriented and has the ability to work independently. If interested please email me at
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    Remote Coding Companies?

    Has anyone ever worked for or is currently working for any remote coding companies? I've applied for a few but scared of being scammed :( So far I've heard of Aviacode, DuvaSawko, and CIOX Health. Any info at all is appreciated!!!
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    CPC-A looking for work

    I'm a newly certified medical coder from the Ogden, Utah area looking for a part time job. Willing to work in an office or remotely.
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    opportunities for newly-credentialed CPC-A?

    Hi all. This is my first post. I don't doubt that this question has been put out there a bunch of times already, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for someone in my position: credentialed for the first time (hence the apprentice status), *technically* no job experience in coding but...
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    Experienced HCC coders/auditors needed work onsite and remote weekly - Tampa FL area

    Peak Risk Adjustment Solutions has positions available for partially remote experienced HCC coders and auditors in the Tampa, FL area. We have multiple positions open for immediate hire. These are full time 40 hour per week positions and will require the coder to be onsite in our office at...
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    Best ways to gain experience needed for jobs? What has worked for you? Help needed!

    How do I gain the experience in coding that it seems all employers require for basic coding jobs? I have read that it is possible to volunteer at hospitals or doctors offices-have any of you done this to get experience, and how did you go about approaching places? Are there jobs such as office...
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    CPC-A jobs in Québec canada

    Hi,is there any jobs available for CPc medical coding in Quebec Canada. I have experience in ICD 10cm Hospital ,outpatient and physician charts.
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    What's the best specialty?

    Hi What do you consider the best specialty? I was interested in oncology but someone with experience told me there aren't alot of oncology specific jobs. What's in demand? What keeps you busy? What do you think is the best paying specialty? Any info appreciated Judy
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    New CPC-A looking for employment in MI

    I just got my CPC-A (12/31/15) and ready to start my career in medical coding. I am looking for a job in Southeastern lower Michigan and wondering if anyone knows of any jobs available for a CPC-A in the area. Thank you so much for your help!
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    any coding jobs in los angeles?

    i am newly certified coder and jobless.. we have been mislead with the fact the there are coding jobs available anywhere? but where? company's wont hire inexperience coder... any suggestions and any recommendation...
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    New and Confused

    I am a new graduate. I graduated from MHCC with an associate of science in medical office management. I really love coding and I want to do this. I take my CPC exam at the end of this month. My problem is finding a job. I have looked for a few months now and nobody will hire me without at least...
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    Where Are the Jobs?

    I have been trying to find a coding job for a year now. Where are the jobs? I mean good paying jobs. I don't mean $14 an hour. I am thinking of switching careers back to telecom. I don't think coding pays unless you have at least a decade under our belt. Tell me something different. email me...