Wiki Coding-adjacent positions available?


Clemmons, NC
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A few months ago, I completed a certificate program at my local community college and got my CPC-A, but it seems that nobody will take on new hires without coding experience. Are there any entry level jobs that would be helpful for getting a coding job?

Ideally, it would be something less social than being a receptionist or a medical billing specialist, which are two of the things I’ve looked into. Of course, I wouldn’t mind doing those jobs in the short term if it leads to a medical coding job, but I’d rather not if there are other options. Also, it would have to be a job I could feasibly get with absolutely zero medical experience, aside from a community college certificate and a CPC-A. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
You might consider applying for HIM tech jobs. Some of the chart analyst positions and scanning do not require a lot of socialization, and getting your foot in the HIM department would give you the opportuntiy to know when coding positions are coming open.