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    Wiki Psychology

    Could a psychologist use an intern to evaluate new patients, review interns notes, and bill under his/her number?
  2. E

    Wiki Billing for Assistant Surgeon

    We are large academic facility and bill surgeries utilizing the 80 and 82 modifiers. Can someone tell me if you reduce your usual fee for the assistant surgeons or do you bill as normal and let the modifier dictate your reimbursement? Thanks, B
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    Wiki Critical Care and Mid Levels?

    Would like opinions... At a recent ACEP seminar I heard that mid-levels could bill for Critical Care, just not for Medicare. It was stated that the CPT rules differed from CMS on this, and that if the commericial insurance didn't prevent it, it was ok to bill. But when I look at the CPT...
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    Wiki Interventional Procedures

    Our vascular physicians have been told that they can bill for attempted angioplasty/stent placement. We have received conflicting information as to whether we can bill for this or not and what modifier is appropriate...52 or 53? Anyone doing this?? Thanks.
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    Wiki Minutes vs units

    What is the correct way to bill insurance companies for 99144, 99145, 99150? Are you suppose to bill in minutes or units? Thanks.