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    Wiki Which code comes first on maternal record at birth....Z370 or z3aXX??

    Getting different answers depending on who I speak with so Id thought I would reach out to the experts here....When coding the maternal I code the live born code (Z37.0) or the gestation code (Z3a.39) first?
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    Wiki How to bill assistant surgeons- OBGYM

    Hey all, I am just needing verification how to bill an assistant at surgery.. my thoughts are either 59409,80; 59514,80; 59612,80; 59620,80 (depending on the situation/documentation). Any input is greatly appreciated. **actually just verified that the 80 modifier is only allowed on 59514...
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    Wiki Birth at home then to hospital

    A baby was born at home and then transported to the hospital an hour later. The OB asked the neonatology nurse practitioner to examine the baby. The NNP documented a Provider Delivery Attendance Note but it just states "examination unremarkable and mother wishes to breastfeed after infant has...
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    Wiki Family Planning / Birth Control

    When a new client comes in and you place them on birth control, the Encounter for initial prescription is given, for example Z30.11. If the client comes in for subsequential visits and remains on the same type of birth control, the Encounter for Surveillance... dx codes, for example Z30.41...
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    Wiki Low birth weight codes after day-of-life 28

    I have read the guidelines that the codes in Chapter 16 can be use throughout the life of the patient if the condition is still present, but all of the codes for low birth weight also have the "N" symbol, which indicates that they should be used from age 0-28 days. Any ideas on whether or not...