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When a new client comes in and you place them on birth control, the Encounter for initial prescription is given, for example Z30.11. If the client comes in for subsequential visits and remains on the same type of birth control, the Encounter for Surveillance... dx codes, for example Z30.41 are to be used. Is this correct?

Would you only assign the Encounter for initial prescription dx code if the client at a later visit changes the type of birth control she is on?

I really hope someone will answer me so I can pass along.
Z30.011 Encounter for initial prescription of contraceptive pills. This is the code that you would use if it is the first visit. If the prescription changes and the form of birth control changes then yes the code can change to a different initial prescription for example if patient changed to getting an injection the code would be Z30.013 or Z30.014 for intrauterine contraceptive. So, yes you are correct with the codes. I hope this helps.