1. D

    Wiki Remote Flexible Hour Positions

    I am looking for evening/weekend part time coding work and I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding companies that offer these type of positions or any information about what avenues to pursue. Thank you Lisa M
  2. YBVON316

    Wiki Coding of Type II Diabetes with polyneuropathy

    Info on my idea... if the patient comes in and is diagnosed with diabetic type 2 neuropathy i believe the appropriate code should be E11.42. This is in reading the tabular noes, excludes one notes and the chapter rules and guidance. My reasoning is that excludes 1 note excudes (E08.42) and...
  3. M

    Wiki coder

    My doctor is wanting to use over the medication to make his risk higher and charge a 99214. Eztablished patient and stable problem HTN. No labs or other complexity ordered or reviewed. He feels if he tells the patient to take 3 ibruprofen at a time instead of the usual 2. It should be...
  4. G

    Wiki Family Planning / Birth Control

    When a new client comes in and you place them on birth control, the Encounter for initial prescription is given, for example Z30.11. If the client comes in for subsequential visits and remains on the same type of birth control, the Encounter for Surveillance... dx codes, for example Z30.41...
  5. T

    Wiki Educational group class/counseling

    One of my companies pediatric providers would like to provide group parenting classes/counseling for patients who have ADHD, Sibling Rivalry, parental overprotection, asthma, etc. All I can find is if the Dx is behavioral health related then our LCSW has to provider the services for us to be...
  6. O

    Wiki Sherri, CPC-Hope everyone

    Good afternoon! Hope everyone had a great holiday season!!! I am trying to code this procedure...:Endovascular repair of Type I endo leak... he had a previous AAA repair 1 year prior... Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. M

    Wiki Coding Question - Chondromalacia

    1. LT Knee Chondromalacia of patella type 2 to 3 2. Extensive Synovitits 3. Posterior third medical meniscal with type 3 to 4 chondromalacia on the medical femoral condyle 4. Loose Body 1. Complete Synovectomy of the superior patella pouch, inferior patella pouch, medial gutters and lateral...
  8. A

    Wiki Help: Pom Screening

    Can someone please tell me how to bill for a Carotid Artery screening and a Peripherial Aterial Disease screening? I have never heard of these type of screening before and could really use some help.:confused: Thanks Antonniette -CPC