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Info on my idea... if the patient comes in and is diagnosed with diabetic type 2 neuropathy i believe the appropriate code should be E11.42. This is in reading the tabular noes, excludes one notes and the chapter rules and guidance. My reasoning is that excludes 1 note excudes (E08.42) and should NOT be coded with any of the codes in E10-E13 because there is a more specific ICD-10 code with in the particular category of diabetes. Is this correct or can you code E11.40 and E08.42
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Physician resistance to proper coding

What does anyone suggest about educating physicians on the most appropriate diagnosis code for diabetes and their manifestations that is in accordance with coding guidelines?
E08 is diabetes that is due to an underlying disease such as diabetes due to cushings syndrome. This is very different from type II diabetes. Either type of diabetes can manifest polyneuropathy. If the provider documented polyneuropathy due to type 2 diabetes then E11.42 is the correct choice. It is correct that you cannot code an E08 code with an E11 code, as a person cannot have two forms of diabetes at the same time.
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It will depend on the written note as to what the provider states the diabetes type is. If it is diabetes due to an underlying condition, then the provider must document what the underlying condition such as cushings or pancreatitis , the codebook gives you a listing. E08 codes can only be listed secondary, the underlying condition must be listed first, type 2 diabetes is not an underlying condition for diabetes due to an underlying condition. If the documentation is clear then there is no need to query the provider. You may want to point out the full code descriptions for your provider and look up secondary diabetes. E08 and E09 are both categories for secondary diabetes.