1. E

    Wiki Why was I marked wrong? (Practicode Case ID: OPD7224)

    The documentation: Why should the diabetes be reported as a diagnosis when it was only mentioned in the past history?
  2. Y

    Wiki Trauma Wounds in Diabetic patients

    I'm new to wound care coding and am still trying to figure out some of the particulars. My main struggle is with diabetic patients. If a diabetic patient has a trauma wound or pressure ulcer on the foot, is it still coded as a diabetic foot ulcer with E10/E11 and L97? OR Is the wound coded as...
  3. J

    Wiki Blood Pressure Monitoring Coding for Events/Home Visits

    Hello All, My question pertains to coding blood pressure monitoring on remote devices (non-digitally transmitting) for patients at health care events/in-home services. Since the health events are one time only I was thinking 99453 or 99454 would suffice. I see that the service must be ordered...
  4. J

    Wiki Kidney Health Eval for Patients - Ethnicity related question

    Hello, Is anyone familiar with including a code relating to ethnicity for the eGFR lab? This would be for kidney evaluation using the blood and urine for diabetic patient screenings. If anyone is familiar with this especially as it relates to the HEDIS 2022 updates for ethnicity/race factors...
  5. L

    Wiki Diabetic foot exams

    I am new to podiatry coding. Can someone tell me when it is appropriate to bill office visits 99xxx vs the G0245-47? If I use the G codes, would I use the 11055, 110721... codes. What documantation is needed to qualify the visit as an exam vs just the nails and or callus care. We recently...
  6. R

    Wiki EMR "diabetes without complications" documented with codes listed under "with"

    Advice needed. Many EMR systems allow the providers to "pick" their diagnoses from a drop down list. Most providers know that diabetes is coded as E11.9 and will automatically grab this diagnosis, no matter what the complications are (we all know they are not coders and do not recognize the...
  7. J

    Wiki Quality Measure

    Hi Everyone! Is there a CPT2/HCPCS or any code for that matter that identifies when a referral has been made for a diabetic retinal exam? Or any that we can use under the auspices of diabetes management that we can isolate for a referral for this test?
  8. G

    Wiki Can the elements in the diabetes management exam be used as elements for the exam portion for e&m level?

    Diabetes Management Exam: Foot Exam (with socks and/or shoes not present): Inspection: MSK/Extremities? Left foot: normal Right foot: normal Nails: Left foot: normal Right foot: normal Sensory-Pinprick/Light touch: Neuro? Left...
  9. C

    Wiki Correct coding of PVD, DM, and Arteriosclerosis

    What is the correct coding for DM, PVD, and Arteriosclerosis? Can we code the Arteriosclerosis of extremity with claudication when we see Arteriosclerosis and PVD or would the provider have to specifically state claudication since it’s a symptom?
  10. MeanderingMichigander

    Wiki Diabetes with PVD (vs) peripheral angiopathy

    I'm trying to determine if DM2 with peripheral angiopathy without gangrene (E11.51) is the same as (or, actually, is more appropriate coding for) DM2 with perhipheral vascular disease, unspecified (E11.69, I73.9). In researching these and reviewing synonyms, etc., on several different sites, it...
  11. MeanderingMichigander

    Wiki Coding presence of insulin pump

    I am struggling to find anything definitive either way... Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction :confused: (The below example assumes that the visit record does support both codes being discussed.) When coding the presence of an insulin pump (Z96.41), do you ALSO need to code...
  12. T

    Wiki CKD "likely" due to HTN / ESRD "suspect" DN

    Hello, Need some help from the Pro-fee coders out there.... I'm running into this a lot working in Nephrology. Some providers state in their Assessment & Plan: CKD "likely" due to HTN or ESRD "suspect" DN (Diabetic Nephropathy). Do we still code the causal relationship combo code between...
  13. A

    Wiki How to code diagnosis diabetes mellitus with A1C

    I have had 2 different doctors in the past week list their patient's elevated A1C with the diabetes diagnosis. Listed in the Assessment, the doctor wrote as the patient's diagnosis "Diabetes Mellitus, Type II with A1C 8.7". For the 2nd doctor, he wrote the unforgivable..."Uncontrolled...
  14. R

    Wiki hypertension due to diabetes

    Hello- i'm trying without much luck to find any guidelines on how to code when a provider documents "hypertension due to diabetes" I know that DM and HTN do not have a causal relationship and there are no combination codes to link them together. One resource (see below) I found says you would...
  15. J

    Wiki Diabetic Shoe Measuring

    We have a Nurse that does the measuring for shoes for diabetic patients. Normally, I would charge the A5500 "For diabetics only, fitting (including follow-up), custom preparation and supply of off-the-shelf depth-inlay shoe manufactured to accommodate multi-density insert(s), per shoe" but the...
  16. L

    Wiki Dm + hf

    An audit showed that DM + HF is assumed as complication of E11.59. Is there info regarding this?
  17. R

    Wiki Coding for Diabetes with A1C results

    Hello, I have a question in regards to HCC codes. If a patient comes in and the provider states the patient is there to follow up on the DMII, and the provider documented that the patients' A1c levels are @ a 7.1, can the coder then documented Diabetes Type 2 with Hyperglycemia, or does the...
  18. R

    Wiki Gestation diabetes during post partum period

    I am not really familiar with OBGYN, but I have a provider who is coding O24.415 - Gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnancy, controlled by oral hypoglycemic drugs. My issue is that this patient is 7 month postpartum, therefore I believe that this MD should not longer be using the O - code...
  19. N

    Wiki Diabetic combination codes

    If you have a diabetic patient who is hypertensive, with stage 3 kidney disease, is the assumption still that the kidney disease is related to the hypertension? If so, would I still bill the diabetes with renal manifestations? Does the provider have to link the chronic kidney disease to the...
  20. T

    Wiki Gestational Diabetes Management

    I am trying to bill out a diabetes management "class" that our provider does once a month for patients that are newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She spends about 2 hours with all of the patients at one time and also takes time to document each individual HPI, ROS, Exam & Assesment...
  21. T

    Wiki Gestational Diabetes Management

    I am trying to bill out a diabetes management "class" that our provider does once a month for patients that are newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She spends about 2 hours with all of the patients at one time and also takes time to document each individual HPI, ROS, Exam & Assesment...
  22. A

    Wiki Diabetic/Pressure Ulcer

    Okay so this case got me thinking. The patient is diabetic and in the note the doctor states "new pressure ulcer in the face of diabetes to the right fifth toe". Then later in the assessment he states "Wagner grade 2 diabetic foot ulcer in the face of pressure." Would you just take this to...
  23. R

    Wiki Major Diabetes complication confusion!!!

    I am dealing with a lot of debate about when it is ok to code a complication with Diabetes. This is creating A LOT of contention between the providers and coders. Example: Pt comes in for possible Strep. In the HPI it states the Blood sugars are in the 300's and they have DMII with...
  24. B

    Wiki ESRD & Diabetes

    I am coding for a dialysis facility, therefore all of my patients have ESRD (N18.6). The majority of my patients also have diabetes, but it is either not documented as to whether diabetes caused the ESRD or the record will state the ESRD was caused by another disorder, but the patient also has...
  25. M

    Wiki Uncontrolled Diabetes

    Does anyone know the appropriate code to use for Uncontrolled Diabetes? Much appreciated!!!
  26. YBVON316

    Wiki Coding of Type II Diabetes with polyneuropathy

    Info on my idea... if the patient comes in and is diagnosed with diabetic type 2 neuropathy i believe the appropriate code should be E11.42. This is in reading the tabular noes, excludes one notes and the chapter rules and guidance. My reasoning is that excludes 1 note excudes (E08.42) and...
  27. V

    Wiki Delivery ICD10 Codes

    How would you code a normal vaginal delivery when the patient had gestational diabetes during the pregnancy?
  28. D

    Wiki Documentation Plan of Treatment

    In the assessment, the physician documents DM type II with periph Circ manifestations and peripheral angiopathy in disease and for treatment, he indicates continue with diet and no change. He does not address either in the review of systems or in the PMH, patient is not on meds for either, and...
  29. P

    Wiki Diabetes--E11.21 and E11.22

    Codes are physician selected then sent to coding for billing where I work. If E11.21 Diabetes with nephropathy and N18.3 are chosen together, does this mean that E11.22 Diabetes with CKD is also chosen. Chart list CKD as chronic but not mentioned as diab. Tried to speak with physician about...
  30. B

    Wiki Diabetes Education as Incident To

    We are a multi specialty practice providing Diabetes Education by RD's. Would you ever bill out DM Education CPT codes 98960, 98961 & 98962 (which are non-physician professional codes) as incident to with the M.D. as the supervising physician?
  31. M

    Wiki DM specificity

    If a patient has been diagnosed with 250.60, along with 353.5, when the patient presents for a DM check and management, should the 250.60 be coded or just 250.00? thanks in advance
  32. T

    Wiki hyperglycemia and DM

    If Dr documents HYPERglycemia as diagnosis and according to the patients chart, patient has a history of DM - do you code 790.29 and 250.0x or just 250.0x? Thanks
  33. E

    Wiki Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY)

    Can anyone help me find the ICD-9 code for maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY)? The entry in Wikipedia says that it is also sometimes called "monogenic diabetes" and that it is not the same thing as Type 2 diabetes in a young person. My Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, on the...
  34. A

    Wiki HCC coding: 270.7x

    Am currently auditing HCC: 250.70 (DM w/peripheral circulatory disorders). It was linked w/443.9 (PVD NOS) but another "professional source" claims that 250.7x can ONLY be linked w/either 785.4 (gangrene) or 443.81 (peripheral angiopathy) as listed in the book. More often than not, when I have...