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    Wiki 52214 or 52001?

    Hi! I'm going back and forth between these two codes. The op note states large amount of clot were evacuated with a resectoscope but the provider also fulgurated the floor of the bladder and trigone. Thoughts? "She was then placed in the dorsal lithotomy position, prepped and draped in a...
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    Wiki Heparin in bladder instillations - HELP!

    Our urogynecology office does bladder instillations frequently, & always bills Heparin. I just want to make sure we are billing them correctly. I discovered recently that we are incorrectly billing the units of HEPARIN. Chart states 40,000 units, we've been billing 1. Yikes! Here is how we...
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    Wiki Cystoscopy, R stent insertion, bladder stone extraction

    Pre-operative Diagnosis: Obstructing R stone Post-operative Diagnosis: Obstructing R stone Procedure: Cystoscopy, R stent insertion, bladder stone extraction Operative Indications: 61 y.o. male with an obstructing R-sided stone with concern for sepsis. The risks of the procedure...
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    Wiki Please help code robotic-assisted left distal ureterectomy and ureteral re-implant

    The patient was placed in steep Trendelenburg and the robot docked. The sigmoid colon was then mobilized medially. The ureter was identified and traced caudad. Tissue planes around the ureter seen reasonably well defined considering that she had a previous balloon dilatation of the ureter with...
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    Wiki C-section with bladder injury, pt returns for follow-up

    I'm just not sure how to code this postpartum office visit: Subjective: Patient here for incision check Had repeat C-section (date) with incidental cystotomy Bladder injury was repaired in 2 layers with intraoperative retrograde bladder fill with no leak Patient has leg bag and will use for...
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    Wiki TURP terminated - This patient is here for TURP

    Hello, This patient is here for TURP …. But only cystourethroscopy was done due to failed attempt to bypass bladder neck ….. Operation note: Under Spinal Anesthesia Cytsoscope was inserted till bladder neck Could not pass the scope beyond a fibrotic prostate and high bladder neck Trial of...
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    Wiki urology cpt 52005 and 52332

    My Doctor is billing a 52005 and 52332. I see where he did the 52332, but I'm not sure about the 52005. Preop dx: Pyelonephritis with sepsis Right uretral stone Hydronephrosis Post Op Dx:same Operation: Cystoscopy with ureteral stenting and retrograde pyelography, Ct Imaging demonstrated a 5 mm...
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    Wiki Removal Suprapubic Indwelling Catheter

    Looking for help coding the permanent removal of a suprapubic indwelling bladder catheter. I can find the code for insertion of this type of catheter, but nothing on the removal. Would my only option be the 53899 for Unlisted procedure, urinary system?