Wiki Heparin in bladder instillations - HELP!

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Our urogynecology office does bladder instillations frequently, & always bills Heparin. I just want to make sure we are billing them correctly. I discovered recently that we are incorrectly billing the units of HEPARIN. Chart states 40,000 units, we've been billing 1. Yikes!

Here is how we code the instillations -

J1644 1 unit (Heparin)
J2001-59 1 unit (lidocaine)
A4550 (sterile tray)

With this newly found error in units for Heparin - we are trying to figure out the new "cost" for J1644. Right now 1 unit is $14. Where can I find this info? Because if I code Heparin properly, that would be 40 units (40 X 1,000 = 40,000 units)....which will DOUBLE the cost of the instillation - that doesn't seem right? The office is not being very helpful in finding this info. out - they claim it is included in the cost of the tray? But Mediare denies the tray's so then they get $0.00 ?

Any help anyone can offer would be GREAT! Thanks.
I am not sure where to find the price. But, I can tell you how we bill Heparin.

J1644 X40

The HCPCS book reads that J1644 is per 1000 units. So, ours comes to about $200 for the medication.
Thank you so much for your response! So 1 unit then of Heparin is $5? That helps me tremendously. THANK YOU!!!