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    Question Cachexia vs Underweight

    Hi there, I'm a CPC-A one month into my first coding job. Time to ask some questions! I have a provider who sometimes documents "underweight" as an official diagnosis, but underneath that and throughout the note describes "cachexia". I also have the BMI available to code. Am I able to code...
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    Question Self reported height and weight and BMI/obesity code selection

    Hello! As we now live in the telehealth world, I have a question about self reported measures. Is it allowable to select a BMI code and an obesity code (following the guidelines) from a patient's self reported height and weight? Is it permissible to code and bill?
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    Question Pediatric BMI code age cutoff

    Hello, I am looking for some guidance on what is the age cutoff on using pediatric versus adult BMI codes. Per ICD-10 notes "BMI adult codes are for use for persons 21 years of age or older. BMI pediatric codes are for use for persons 2-20 years of age. These percentiles are based on the...
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    BMI diagnosis help

    Hi Everyone! Our office sees patients for preventative weight loss and nutritional counseling. We have diagnosis codes for BMIs of 25 and up since anything over 25 is considered overweight or obese. We don't have a way to bill for patients with a BMI under 25 since it is considered a normal...
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    Pediatric BMI for HEDIS coding

    Our clinic just started coding BMI for every encounter as applicable for HEDIS standards. Our staff uses adult BMI calculations for all age groups. The pediatric BMI codes are for patients under 21. We have been using the measurements taken by staff to convert these erroneous adult BMIs into...
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    HCC codes- Morbid obesity

    Our physicians do their own coding in our facility and they don't like to use secondary codes. Both the codes for Morbid Obesity and BMI codes above 40 map to an HCC. If the physician properly documents and codes morbid obesity, do they have to also code BMI? If they do not have to code for BMI...
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    Can BMI code Z68.xx be billed with documentation alone?

    Hello, The title pretty much asks the question. BMI is documented in the vitals, but it is not documented in A/P portion of the progress notes. Can the BMI still be billed? Thanks in advance.
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    BMI index measurements

    Good afternoon, I have a question about BMI measurements, and how they are obtained. I thought the way to calculate is by mathematics. I cannot find a procedure code that this represents. I have an office that wants to use procedure code 93720 as a way of determining BMI. I cannot find any...