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    Question Subglottic cysts

    The doctor did a CO2 laser ablation of subglottic cysts. The only code I can find is 31572 but it says laser ablation with lesion. So since it is a cyst and not a tumor can I still use this code? Or could this be inclusive with one of the other procedures. So far I have codes 31561 and 31528...
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    Question Excision of tracheal granulomas

    The doctor did a direct laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy, excision of tracheal granulomas, and balloon dilation. The code I have for the balloon dilation is 31630. I'm having a hard time finding a code for the excision o the tracheal granulomas. Would it be included in the 31630 code? I also found...
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    Question Tracheobronchoscopy coding

    Can you please assist on how to code a flexible bronchoscopy introduced through the tracheostomy with bronchoalveolar lavage?
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    Question Laryngeal cleft repair with injection

    The doctor performed a laryngeal cleft repair with prolaryn plus. I originally was thinking cpt code 31571 or 31574. But those codes mention injection in the vocal cords and I can't find another code that is maybe closer. Does anyone have an idea if those codes are appropriate or if there is a...
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    CPT code 31624

    Help! New to pulmonary coding. In search of written documentation that when performing a lavage (BAL) that documentation needs to state instillation and return. Does anyone have guidelines or documentation, preferably from CMS stating the requirements? Thank you!
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    Bronchoscopy 31622 can this be used for a difficult airway during a Cholecystectomy?

    My doctor has said he did a bronchoscopy for a difficult airway during a cholecystectomy is the 31622 the correct code to bill? Thank you for your help!
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    Panendoscopy for oral cancer

    Hello everyone! I am a biller who is brand new to the field of ENT and am learning as I go -- I was unexpectedly thrown in to the role as the previous coder left with no notice :-o Can you experienced ENT coders please assist me with what seems to be a fairly common set of procedures done by...
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    Bronchoscopy Coding -- HELP PLEASE

    I am very new to coding for different bronchoscopies and I wanted to post this report and see if I could get some feedback as to whether or not the community thinks I am doing this correctly. I coded the following reports as: 31652 and 31624. DX: R59.1 and R91.8. Description: Patient was...
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    Methylprednisolone injections for tracheal stenosis during bronchoscopy

    Our provider performed a bronchoscopy which included balloon dilation of the trachea as well as injections of Methylprednisolone to the upper trachea. I have been unable to find a code for the injections during the bronchoscopy. Would this be included in the balloon dilation or is there a...
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    DL with Rigid Bronchoscopy

    Two questions: When a physician states pre/postoperative diagnosis of "Failure to extubate", all the literature I read states the physician should indicate the reason for the failure and that should be the diagnosis. What are your thoughts? I have a practice that completes DL and Rigid...
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    EBUS Bundling Issue

    Our providers are performing both EBUS biopsies as well as video/direct visualization endobronchial biopsies during the same bronchoscopy session. Per NCCI, we are unable to bill 31625 & 31652 or 31653 together. Also, per NCCI, we are unable to bill 31623-bronchoscopy with bronchial brushings-...
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    Bronchoscopy and Subsequent Hospital Visit

    I have found the following scenario when auditing for our pulmonologists: patient admitted to hospital, pulmonary consult is requested and done. The consult report states patient will need a bronch. Q 1. Does there need to be a request in the medical record from the attending...
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    Bronchoscopy reimbursement

    :confused:Our pulmonologist questions how payment will be affected when she performs a bronch and wants to bill for subsequent care at the hospital on the same date of service. For our Medicare patients, I have found that reimbursement has not been cut when billed with M-25. Do you have any...