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    Wiki Clarification on DX Breast Cancer

    Hello All, I work for a plastic surgeon that specializes in Breast reconstruction post mastectomy. I recently passed my CPC exam and have began coding for EM. I also code pre-certs for surgeries. My coders have been taking the lazy route and code C50.911/.912/.919. I am trying to be as accurate...
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    Wiki squameous cell carcinoma

    Unsure on how to code squameous cell carcinoma, dorsal right hand, thumb side.
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    Wiki Carcinoma of the Brain

    A 65-yr old patient, with a history of lung cancer, is admitted to a healthcare facility with ataxia and syncope and a fractured arm as a result of falling. The patient undergoes a closed reduction of the fracture in the emergency department and undergoes a complete workup for metastatic...
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    Wiki Skin Lesion

    A skin lesion is removed from a patient's cheek in the office. The dr. documents Kin Lesion in the chart. Prior to billing, the pathology returns basal cell carcinoma. What do I code? Skin Lesion or basal cell carcinoma
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    Wiki MDM on Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    If a patient has squamous cell carcinoma on the scalp and on the neck - both locations have the same ICD 10 code C44.42, which we are suppose to report on claims only once. But since these are two different problem, does it mean we can calculate problem points for SCC on the neck separately and...
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    Wiki Abnormal mammogram

    Im horrible at second guessing myself on these things... I have an operative report where a patient comes in for surgery. The pre operative diagnosis is abnormal mammogram, right breast (793.80?) and the post operative diagnosis was infiltrating ductal Carcinoma, right breast (233.0?) weary...
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    Wiki Radiologist performing E&M

    Can a radiologist perform and E&M Service. The group actually manages the patient care as they are specialists in mammography and carcinoma and will work with the patient by bringing them back for further exams, recommend several surgeons when a carcinoma is discovered, etc. The radiologist...