cardiac caths

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    ASC- Cardiology for C7517

    Does anyone else code for an cardiology ASC that I can go over C7517- heart cath with angiogram? I don't agree with our dictation in order to be able to bill this code. Thank you!
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    ASC Split Facility Bill

    A patient goes into a neighboring Outpatient Cardiac Cath facility for a cardiac Cath. One physician does the diagnostic Cath, leaves, another physician places a single stent. Each physician reports and bills their procedures. The facility sends two bills, coding for two separate facility...
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    I work for a private practice who has refused to provide proper documentation for many years. I am really pushing them to start documenting, but I am getting major push back. I am asking for some help as they will only look at payer guidelines, and nothing else. I need some resources or some...
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    cardiac catheterization coding help

    Please help me understand the difference between coronary angiography and cardiac catheterization. If a doctor dictates a procedure and states in the op report: 1. Selective right coronary angiography. A 6F FR4 Expo 100cm catheter was advanced into the right coronary vessel ostium under...