cardiovascular disease

  1. chelsey.lindvig

    Question Calcified Stenosis of RCA

    Hello, Can anyone offer some advice on how you would code the following: Lesion #2: 70% calcific stenosis of the mid right coronary artery I keep debating on I25.10 or I25.84 or both! I think the I25.84 would best represent the CAD and following the "due to" in the alpha index would presume...
  2. J

    Atherosclerosis and Angina

    I was researching the code for atherosclerosis with angina. Per the ICD-10 manual appears the correct diagnosis code would be I25.9 Chronic Ischemic heart disease, Unspecified which is not associated with an HCC. Is that correct?
  3. E

    Wiki Hypertension with Cardiovascular disease I11.9

    Hello, I am not strong in cardio :). I am trying understand what constitutes the use of this code. If patient has ASHD, Arteriosclerosis, Cardiomyopathy with hypertension I am thinking that it is possible these can be tied in to the I11.9 if no heart failure. Can they? or not? Do you have...