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    Urgent Care - Can anyone tell me what guidelines

    Can anyone tell me what guidelines or resources I can follow?? I'm assuming it follows Emergency care to some point. But I would like some resource/seminar/book on Urgent Care coding. Thanks Carol
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    Critical Care and Mid Levels?

    Would like opinions... At a recent ACEP seminar I heard that mid-levels could bill for Critical Care, just not for Medicare. It was stated that the CPT rules differed from CMS on this, and that if the commericial insurance didn't prevent it, it was ok to bill. But when I look at the CPT...
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    Primary Care Exception

    Your help is needed in regards to the Primary Care Exception of Teaching Physician guideline for Medicare. It is my understanding that under the Primary Care Exception we are only allowed to bill for services of 99201-99203 and 99211-99213. Any other service than those do not fall under the...