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    Question Career move from Anesthesia

    I have many years of coding experience in Anesthesia but want to do something different after 20 years I need change. I’ve been remote for several years & plan to continue that but I don’t know much about any other field. I want to feel good about my job and the work I’ve done, like I used to...
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    How to advance career-wise?

    I am currently a physician's medical coder for a large hospital's medical group. I am making good money but I am curious as to how I can advance career-wise. I want a job that is unambiguous (i.e. not a lot of people know what medical coding is but we all know what a manager, director or lawyer...
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    Career advice needed!

    My wife is itching to do something different. She has a PhD in Immunology and Microbiology. She is also a licensed Cytotechnologist (specializes in diagnosing cancer at the cellular level) and doesnt care to work in the lab or teach any longer. She is considering pursuing a CPC with thoughts...