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    Wiki Incident to billing to Commercial carriers

    Does anyone know where I can find the commercial carriers' rules for incident to billing? I've tried searching ALL of the commercial carrier's websites and the only payer that has information is BCBS/Anthem. Does anyone have suggestions as to where to get this information? My practice...
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    Wiki Physicians Treating Family members

    I've heard before that this is not covered by Medicare, at least in New York State. Does anyone have any links from MCR or any other carriers as to not billing services provided to direct family members? Thanks in advance.
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    Wiki Therapy billing

    If an Occupational Therapist is out on vacation and a "PRN" OT is brought in for coverage, how is this billed to the carriers? Thank you.
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    Wiki Implant billing

    My ASC has always had trouble getting paid for implants.. One problem I am faced with is that it is my understanding Medicare's definition of an implant is a device that replaces a body part. ex- prosthetic hip /knee .... Our payer contracts include the "words" implant reimbursement at a...