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    Wiki Old C-Section wound reopened

    Hello! If a patient is 2-years post Cesarean Delivery, and is presenting with a small opening on the corner of her C-section scar (no signs of infection)...Would it be appropriate to code O90.0 - disruption of cesarean delivery wound? Thank you!
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    C-section wound reopened

    We have had a couple of situations where c-season wounds reopened during the postpartum period. When that happens, what code(s) should be used when our providers re-approximate the edges? It is very rare that this happens but we have had a couple of ladies that were too eager to return to their...
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    Wiki Proctoring surgeon

    I'm looking for some guidance on billing for a proctoring surgeon. I code for a family practice clinic where some of my physicians perform cesareans at the neighboring hospital. We obviously only bill for the professional charges of those physicians. I recently encountered an operative note...
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    Induction Codes

    I am trying to code an induction two days prior to c-section. What would be the correct was to code this? Thank you!
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    ICD-10 O34.21 Maternal care for previous c-section delivery

    I have a question about the use of icd-10 code O34.21. Our providers are using this diagnosis due to our EMR computer system being set up with synonyms linked to icd-10 codes. When they use the synonym: maternal care for patient with previous c-section, it pulls in code O34.21. I am questioning...
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    Can we use this code for either prenatal test or genetic carrier screening? It just doesn't make sense why uterine scar from previous cesarean delivery would matter to the tests. Thank you, April
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    Ob Post-op/global Days

    Question on OB patient post-op visits. How many visits do you give to an OB patient after they have had the baby? There is no global days on deliveries. My ACOG book states that the normal is 1 free visit for a vaginal delivery and 2 free visits for a cesarean section. We have adopted a policy...