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    Charging Medicare deductibles/coinsurances up front

    Is it ok to charge Medicare patients for deductibles and/or coinsurances upfront?
  2. A

    Trigger Point at Bedside

    Patient was supposed to go to surgery for a lipoma removal and a shoulder trigger point injection. The patient never made it to surgery and while in holding they did the trigger point injection. I know we cannot charge OR charges but can we still charge for the injection?
  3. A

    PT Billing

    If a patient reaches their cap for physical therapy can we charge a flat rate or do we have to charge them the regular full price for any additional visits?
  4. M

    Remark Codes

    I am just wanting clarification that when you receive an EOB from Medicare or possibly any insurance company for that matter, when an item is denied stating it is a non-coverage charge with CO96, with anything showing a CO and not a PR, does that mean as a company you have to write that off due...
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    Prp injection and ov

    I have a doctor who wants to charge an ov with a PRP injection. The PRP injection was cash pay. Can you still charge the ov with knowing the patient is coming in for the PRP???
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    specialist consult charge in hospital setting

    our specialist did a consult in the are we suppose to code it... I'm confuse, I was told not to charged 99223- range and 99231-range....I thought medicare do not accept consult charge no more.....can anyone please tell where I can get supporting documentation on how to bill...
  7. J

    POEM procedures

    I am wondering if there are any GI offices performing the pre oral endoscopic myotomy? I am needing help locating what your charge amount is.
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    Facility charging ED critical care discharge to hospice

    we have pt who came from outside nursing home to ED S/P fall. DX subdural hematoma, trach was suctioned, extended neuro eval done by nurse, bedside radiology done by nurse, PT came did blow by oxygen. PT was a DNR, from a facility charging stand point time in care was over 30 minutes can we...
  9. S

    Charge for paperwork

    A patient came in just to have paperwork filled out by the physician. Can we charge the patient for this? Thanks, Caroline
  10. G

    IV Infusions

    A patient is given Zofran push, documentation says given and injection time is charted would we not charge for push.
  11. L

    ED charges for same drug push and infusion

    Do I charge IV Push of Heparin when they also have Heparin Infusion? Or do I only charge for the infusion? I cannot find any guidelines concerning this situation.
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    Cpt 20931

    My doctor wants to charge 20931, structural allograft, twice. I thought this can only be charged once. Anyone know the answer?
  13. D


    How does your hospital charge for oxygen for observation patients? Ours has charged it as a service for quite a while. I am re-evaluating our Chargemaster and want to be sure of the appropriate way. We use rev code 460 and CPT 94799. Most of the hospitals I have had contact with use rev code...
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    Megestrol Acetate 40mg/ml

    I am setting up a charge for Medestrol Acetate 40mg/ml. There is a "S" code (S0179) for Megestrol Acetate 20mg. Do I use this code for my new charge?