1. T

    Wiki Help please....99244 billed with circumcision performed on same visit.

    Hi All- I am new to pediatric urology billing and need help understanding this encounter. The provider is billing 99244 with modifier -25 , the patient was referred to him for a consultation for the evaluation of nb circumcision. He performed the circumcision in the same consult visit. He also...
  2. baroquecoder

    Wiki Circumcision and Preventative visit

    Chief complaint: weight check & circumcision HPI formula feeding, gaining weight, appropriate responses.. Full ROS; negative as per HPI Exam; comprehensive Procedure note for the circumcision. Assessment plan; patient gaining weight appropriately continue vitamin d exposure with sunlight post...
  3. J

    Wiki Medically indicated circumcision

    Our provider did a circumcision on a 4 mo old patient at the recommendation of the urologist after an episode of urosepsis. Z41.2 would not be an appropriate dx code in this case, but I am having difficulty figuring out what code(s) should be used. Someone suggested Z40.8 (Encounter for other...
  4. C

    Wiki Post-circumcision penile adhesions

    Can someone please help me determine ICD-10 code(s) for post-circumcision penile adhesions?