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    Question Coding ESRD w/o HD

    What would you all advise in coding ESRD (documented as such by provider) when there is no documentation for hemodialysis? Or specifically documented as ERSD and specifically documented that the patient is not on hemodialysis
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    CKD "likely" due to HTN / ESRD "suspect" DN

    Hello, Need some help from the Pro-fee coders out there.... I'm running into this a lot working in Nephrology. Some providers state in their Assessment & Plan: CKD "likely" due to HTN or ESRD "suspect" DN (Diabetic Nephropathy). Do we still code the causal relationship combo code between...
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    Clarification Regarding CKD Stages

    Hi, if different CKD stages are present in Medical Record , which Stage we can capture? ex: PMH- ckd stage 2, Assessment: 1. chronic kidney disease stage 3 2. Acute Renal Failure 3. CKD stage 4 Now what are the codes can we capture?
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    Kidney transplant with HTN

    Hi, I work for a Nephrologist and most of our patients was CKD and HTN (coded N18.- and I12.-). When one of our patients gets a renal transplant and no longer has CKD but still has HTN what HTN code am I supposed to use?
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    ESRD & Diabetes

    I am coding for a dialysis facility, therefore all of my patients have ESRD (N18.6). The majority of my patients also have diabetes, but it is either not documented as to whether diabetes caused the ESRD or the record will state the ESRD was caused by another disorder, but the patient also has...
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    Ckd htn dm type ii

    I queried one of my providers recently regarding a patient who had CKD4 and HTN. She wanted to use I10 with N18.4 and I explained due to ICD-10 guidelines that there was a presumed relationship between the two and that I12.9 should be utilized. She then came back and told me that the CKD was due...
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    Diabetes--E11.21 and E11.22

    Codes are physician selected then sent to coding for billing where I work. If E11.21 Diabetes with nephropathy and N18.3 are chosen together, does this mean that E11.22 Diabetes with CKD is also chosen. Chart list CKD as chronic but not mentioned as diab. Tried to speak with physician about...