colon polyp

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    Wiki Same mass multiple techniques used Colonoscopy

    Hello I need help, I know if you code a colonoscopy and multiple techniques are used to remove DIFFERENT masses/polyps you code each technique and add mod 59 to the others of less value. BUT my question is what if its the SAME mass and they used 2 techniques to remove the same mass. Can you...
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    Wiki Colonoscopy Screening - Medicare

    How would you code a colonoscopy screening for Medicare? Patient has personal hx of polyps and is coming in for surveillance. A coworker is telling me she codes as below. Do you agree? 45380 - PT Z12.11 Z86.010 K63.5 K57.30 PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: 1.History of colon polyps...
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    Wiki First listed diagnosis for surgical evaluation for colon polyp

    Hello, I'm a new CPC-A and I'm trying to understand how to select diagnoses for office visits. Am I selecting the diagnosis based on the reason for the visit? Or for the patient's condition at the time of the visit? I know it can be the first one if a diagnosis is not established, and the second...