commercial payers

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    Commercial Payers and Drug Waste

    Are there any commercial payers actually paying for drug waste, or those drugs billed with the JW modifier? I know that CMS now requires the reporting of drug waste, and reimbursement may be warranted when certain criteria is met, but this criteria is vague. If commercial payers are paying for...
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    Behavioral Health billing to Medicare Part B

    When billing for BH services- intake and ongoing- where do you find the code sets used for Medicare part B in Arizona? I submitted an H0031 and it was denied. Does anyone have any information to share with me, please, any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. This is a new area in our...
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    Billing a hearing aid upgrade

    Does anyone have any insight into hearing aid upgrade billing? We are currently following the Medicare guidelines for upgrade billing including signature of an ABN/Waiver. The current DME guidelines state to bill with GA/GK modifier with the covered code and the upgraded code. The problem is the...