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    99221 or 99223????/Neuro Inp Consult

    HPI comp PFSH Comp ROS Comp Exam GA no acute distress HEENT mucus membranes moist, no conjunctival injection Fundoscopic exam-optic disc sharp on L, unable to see R CARDIO carotids-no bruit Heart-regular rate and rhythm+cardiac friction rub, no murmurs or...
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    Consult/Hospital Visit/Subsequent ???

    For inpatient neurology consult coding. HPI ROS PFMSH EXM MDM My question is that there is also a Neuro Exam which consist of Gen app-(1), Vitals 3 vitals (1), Fundus (optic disc exam (1), CV (pulses, bruits, or auscultation of heart (one point Maximum), Mental status (5), CN (8), Tone...
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    ED E&M code please help

    emergency room visit with a problem focused history comprehensive exam and MDM of high complexity would the code become a 99283 or 99284
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    Amount and/or Complexity of Data Reviewed section

    I need some clarification on the EKG review and the consultation. This is what I got from the J8 MAC Part B: Ordering and performance of an EKG into the E/M coding when the EKG is performed in the physician's office. Both the EKG would be part of the Medical Decision Making under the Risk...
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    Presenting Problem & Management Options

    If a patient has more than 4 diagnoses or the patient is on dilaudid or any type of monitoring would that make it a high complexity decision making? If there is a reference to this I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.
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    Moderate Complexity lab tests??

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me (or direct me to the proper documentation) what are moderate complexity labs? :cool: