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    Wiki Orthopedic Surgical Coder (Certified)

    Coding since 2018. Looking for part time or contract work coding trauma, other orthopedic surgeries, or office visits. Please email for inquiries
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    Wiki COSC exam practice?

    Hello I failed the orthopedic exam once and I'm retaking it in a few weeks. Other than the AAPC practice exam , are there any other good resources for practicing / studying ? Thanks!
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    Wiki COSC exam prep help?

    Hello, I will be taking the COSC exam next year and I was wondering if anyone has passed it recently and can provide me with some tips on where I should focus my studying? Also does anyone know of some good websites and resourses that help you practice coding/anatomy & physiology online or...
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    Wiki COSC Needed for Onsite Physician Ortho Coding Audit in the Syracuse NY area.

    Looking for an immediate, experienced COSC that lives near the Syracuse, NY area to perform on site orthopedic audits of office and surgical procedures as well as E&M visits. Must have current in depth knowledge of orthopedic surgical coding and compliance rules for billing. Knowledge of...