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    Wiki Tumescent, Lymph-Sparing Liposuction for Lipedema Reimbursement

    I would like to help with the many misconceptions concerning treating lipedema with tumescent, lymph-sparing liposuction [FEB 2020]. This is considered reconstructive surgery, medically necessary, and reimbursed by some (but not all) insurance carriers. Most have to be appealed at least one...
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    Question Medical Necessity / ABN forms

    Hello! Our provider did an I&D (10060) to treat a subaceous cyst (L72.3) on a patient who has Medicare. Per our provider, the cyst was not bothering the patient (ie, it's not painful or rubbing on clothing, etc) and she treated it at the patient's request because he didn't like the way it...
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    Skin Tags 11200 and Biopsy code 11100

    Question Notes state pt came in for 15 skin tags dr states they are cosmetic and collected 115 to treat as cosmetic. Pt signed ABN form stating that they want the insurance billed for this service 11200 and while they realize we may ask for payment up front they want insurance to make final...
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    Coding help for: TrueTears Optic Neurostimulator and Coolsculpting fat freeze

    Would sincerely appreciate coding assistance with the following technologies: TrueTear handheld optic neurostimulator device just approved by FDA for patient home use to stimulate tear production. Rechargeable base with disposable tips that are placed intranasal for nerve stimulation. How to...
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    Functional/Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

    Hello everyone, please guide me with this problem. Many patients come into our office with well documented nasal problems, they are referred to Dr. Olson b,y ENT surgeons we are able to get authorization for 30520 and 30140, the patients who want a cosmetic improvement pay the cosmetic fee...
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    Cosmetic vs Insurance Billing

    :confused:My doctor has in his mind that we can have two different price lists, one for cosmetic surgery and one for insurance billing. I know this is isn't true but I need something in writing to show him. HELP!!!