Functional/Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

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Hello everyone, please guide me with this problem. Many patients come into our office with well documented nasal problems, they are referred to Dr. Olson b,y ENT surgeons we are able to get authorization for 30520 and 30140, the patients who want a cosmetic improvement pay the cosmetic fee to the surgeon as well as the anesthesia fee and facility fee. Our facial plastic surgeon dictates only one operative note, so when we provide the medical records for review after the surgery they deny the functional portion. I have not yet come across this problem with record review, can I indicate the patient paid for the cosmetic portion , and should the surgeon provide 2 operative notes one for functional and the other for cosmetic. I do not believe we are doing anything unethical, because we are billing the 30520 and 30140 codes only. Are we allowed to give the insurance the specifics of what the patient paid for the cosmetic portion ?
Any help will be greatly appreciated !