1. A

    Wiki Inpatient Consultation

    Assistant surgeon performed the initial consultation at the hospital the surgeon verified and signed off the document. who can bill for the consultation the assistant surgeon or the surgeon? Very confused of who can bill
  2. M

    Wiki Intravitreal Injection (CPT 67028) - Can the ASC AND the Surgeon bill?

    Our provider sometimes performs Intravitreal Injections of Avastin in the Ambulatory Surgery Center when performing other procedures. We know the ASC bills for the facility. We just wanted to verify that the surgeon is also able to bill this code for the professional portion of this procedure...
  3. K

    Wiki How to code for discontinues surgery

    During a recent attempt to perform a total laparoscopic hysterectomy, it was found that the trocar had perforated the bowel. A general surgeon was called in for consult, the hysterectomy was discontinued and the general surgeon proceeded with a bowel repair. Should I still bill 58571 with a...
  4. M

    Wiki Functional/Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

    Hello everyone, please guide me with this problem. Many patients come into our office with well documented nasal problems, they are referred to Dr. Olson b,y ENT surgeons we are able to get authorization for 30520 and 30140, the patients who want a cosmetic improvement pay the cosmetic fee...
  5. P

    Wiki modifier 62 with 22

    Can a surgeon use a co-surgeon (modifier 62) and also use the modifier 22? Or does the 62 modifier automatically exclude use of the 22
  6. E

    Wiki 47563 & 74300-26

    I am relatively new at surgery coding and was hoping someone could help clarify if our surgeons should be billing 74300-26. I located the Medicare Claims Processing Manual and also researched on Encoder and both are saying that 74300-26 is reserved for the radiologist. I have confirmed that...
  7. S

    Wiki Exploration upper extremity-HELP!

    Hi there, Doctor did an exploration of the RT Upper Extremity thinking there would be a mass that he would excise. When he got in there he found that it was dilation of vein that was adherent to deeper structures. He closed it and is referring the patient to a vascular surgeon. I am not sure how...
  8. J

    Wiki subchondroplasty for assistant surgeons

    the new Zimmer subchondroplasty procedure that uses an unlisted code 27599 we are having trouble with reimbursement and especially for the assistant surgeon. Has anyone has any experience or recommendations for this procedure? Thanks in advance
  9. P

    Wiki AAA Repair

    Surgeon A: Main body - 34802 and 75962 Surgeon B: Deployment of contra limb Gore excluder device - 34825 and 75953? Aortic cuff extension cuff - 3482 or 34826? and 75953 AA w/bil. runoff bundled Nonsel. cath placement in aorta 36200...
  10. C

    Wiki Physicians Not Specific Enough

    Hi Everyone, first time posting, so hopefully this is the proper thread! I work for a company that does billing, coding and collections for outpatient surgery centers (ASC). We are increasingly running into problems where our coding of operative reports does not match up with how the surgeon's...
  11. S

    Wiki Co-surgery? Incisional hernia repair/Component separation

    Hi, I work for a general surgeon that did a repair of an incarcerated incisional hernia. Because of the size of the defect a plastic surgeon assisted on the repair and then the plastic surgeon did an abdominal wall reconstruction/component separation. They both dictated separated operative...
  12. T

    Wiki 2 surgeons 2 different specialties

    Can 2 surgeons from two different specialties share the TED (15002-15005) for total 250 sq cm if one surgeon only did 25 sq cm and the other surgeon did the remaining 225 sq cm? This is not a CO-surgery. The hand provider came in for an intraoperative consult and decided to debride his part...
  13. tmallet

    Wiki Assistant surgeon Global?

    If a general surgeon was the assist on a procedure, would he be subject to the global period as well as the primary surgeon?