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    Question Physican billing for Car Seat codes 94780

    Are any insurances reimbursing physicians for these Car Seat testing codes? 94780-94781. My Pediatric Hospitalists want to charge and Revenue Dept states they will deny. They are listed on the AAP coding for Newborn decision Tool for 2021 and listed under Medicine/Allergy/Clinical Imm in the...
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    Functional/Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

    Hello everyone, please guide me with this problem. Many patients come into our office with well documented nasal problems, they are referred to Dr. Olson b,y ENT surgeons we are able to get authorization for 30520 and 30140, the patients who want a cosmetic improvement pay the cosmetic fee...
  3. B

    laminectomy & PLIF

    can you code BOTH a 22630 & 63047 on same level & get paid?
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    Venipuncture - Why do some of the Medicare

    Why do some of the Medicare advantage plans deny a routine venipuncture? Specifically Coventry. I have one patient that come into the office for regular lab draws and I am having issues getting the 36415 to be paid. Help please?! Thanks.
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    65400 ptk

    My doctor is asking if 65400 RT and LT are allowed to be preformed during the same session. The patient doesn't want to go to the surgery center multiple times, so we are trying to accommodate. Also, will the second eye be paid at a reduced rate because of being done the same day? I've been...
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    Nursing Facility charges

    I work for an ANP and FNP who occasionally see patients at our local nursing facility. I have used the code 99334 with place of service but am getting denied by Medicare saying that the procedure code is incosistent with the modifier used or a required modifier is missing. When my providers...
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    speech pathology

    how can I get 92630 paid with 92507. seem to be denying 92630 all time
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    N.C. Mediciad Denial for preventive visits on children

    We just recently went to ECW and we cannot get reimbursed for preventive care visits on children. We are using the EP modifier with the CPt codes. our denial reason states attending provider not eligible on service dates. and B7=This provider was not certified/eligible to be paid for this...
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    80300 - give a prescription

    drug screening, they bill this in the new office I am in before they give a prescription, but its not getting paid, they said they never pay for this does anyone know the facts on this ? thank you
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    CRNAs and labor epidurals

    I have a question about labor epidurals and a issue that keeps surfacing in my office. Labor epidurals can't be split by anesthesioligist and CRNA, whoever places the labor epidural should be the one paid. I remember reading somewhere 'he who places the catheter gets paid'. I thought I...
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    Billing representative

    Chiropractor billed for his services the same day we billed physical therapy charges. Chiropractor services paid and our charges denied as max benefit met. How can we get paid for our services because we are different specialty. Is there a modifier we could use?
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    MUE of 1 but a bililateral procedure

    If Medicare has a MUE of 1 but the CPT can be billed bilaterally, can you bill this with a 50 modifier and get paid for both sides?
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    J2201 please help

    Hi im new to coding for orthopedic and they are billed J2201 (lidocaine) they of course are not getting paid, should this not be reported or don't bother, Thank you Laura
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    Ordering and interpreting xray-double dipping????

    If my physician orders an xray(1 point), performs and interprets the xray(2 points), can he get credit for three points in the MDM? I have read in several different places that this is considered double dipping if he gets paid the professional fee for interpretation as well as getting the two...
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    Dyural Kits

    Is anyone having any luck getting these kits paid?
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    Anticoagulant mangement

    We are billing for the 99364 and receiving rejections, from PH and BCBS. Is anyone having luck getting them paid and if so how are you billing them? Thank you