1. T

    Wiki CPMA-Anyone else having trouble passing this test?

    Three attempts and three fails. I'm about to give up. Anyone else having issues passing this? I studied AAPC's study guide. I did the online tests multiple times and yet I've failed yet again. Anyone know the pass/fail rate for this test? I don't think the study guide prepares you enough for...
  2. C

    Wiki CPMA, Insurance Credentialing, Remote Position Wanted

    I am currently looking for a part-time remote coding, auditing, and/or credentialing position. For many years I have worked in the medical industry, particularly in aspects of surgical scheduling and management as well as exam and procedural coding. To gain more substantial knowledge in...
  3. A

    Wiki CPMA CEUs

    What is an inexpensive way to get CPMA CEUs? I don't want to have to pay $50 for two CEUs.. Thanks for your input!! :D Alicia
  4. P

    Wiki 1995 or 1997 for answering E/M questions on CPMA exam

    Hi Should I use the 1995 or 1997 Audit tool to answer the E/M questions on the CPMA exam. Does the questions tell you which one to use to come up with the correct answer ? Thanks
  5. M

    Wiki Cpc, & cpma

    Does anyone know an individual looking for employment that is CPC and CPMA? Duties included but not limited to:- Provider Educator Audit charts/Billing Thanks!
  6. V

    Wiki CPC, CPMA - Looking for a remote medical coding/auditing position.

    Valerie Bates-Hoff, CPC, CPMA Certified Professional Medical Coder/Auditor Looking for a remote medical coding/auditing position. Summary CPC Certified Professional Coder, CPMA Certified Professional Medical Auditor (AAPC) I am an experienced abstract medical coder ICD-10 proficient...
  7. E

    CPMA CEU's in CEU tracker

    When I went to the CEU tracker to enter my latest CEU's it gave me the option of entering them on either my CPC or my CPMA, however, as far I as know, these CEU's were not CPMA approved. Since the tracker allowed me to choose to put them on my CPMA will they be accepted or is it up to me to...
  8. B

    Wiki CPC, CPMA Looking for Onsite Work!

    I currently work remotely as a coder and am looking to expand my horizons! I have some physician audit experience, along with coding quality assurance experience. I'm no longer interested in remote jobs as I'd like to be more interactive with people! I live in downtown Dallas and am looking to...
  9. I

    Wiki Taking the AAPC CPMA course, wondering????

    I'm currently taking the AAPC online CPMA course, but I'm wondering would it beneficial to purchase the study guide as well? if so, what is the benefit? Thanks in advance.
  10. Sandy Stevens

    Wiki CEUs for CPMA

    Hello, Certifications for some specialty certifications are hard to come by. I noticed that the last 7 Test Yourself have not included specialty credentialed. CEUs can be obtained through CMS for free, but they don't make it clear whether it's for CPC and other certifications. Does anyone know...
  11. D

    Wiki CPMA exam

    Does anyone know the pass to fail rate percentage for CPMA exam? I test 12/19. thank you in advance
  12. T

    Wiki Medical Assistant, CPC, Quality Auditor / Studying for CPMA

    Torie L. Thibodeaux, MA, CPC 2185 Talbot Ridge Jonesboro, Ga. 30236 Email: torie.thibodeaux@yahoo.com Cell# 504-450-1812 Phone# 678-834-5571 Dear Sir / Madame: I am writing to you to apply for employment within your company. Enclosed is a resume of my educational and employment background. I...
  13. K

    Wiki CPC, CANPC, CPMA looking for PT work

    I am currently employed in the University of Missouri's Corporate Compliance office and am looking for pt work that can be done at home in the evenings/weekends. Resume available upon request. Katherine Nulph CPC, CPMA, CANPC, BA