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When I went to the CEU tracker to enter my latest CEU's it gave me the option of entering them on either my CPC or my CPMA, however, as far I as know, these CEU's were not CPMA approved. Since the tracker allowed me to choose to put them on my CPMA will they be accepted or is it up to me to make sure any CPMA CEU's that I enter are CPMA approved? Thanks!
It's up to you to make sure they are approved for the credential you are applying them to. I don't believe the CEU tracker has the ability to distinguish which CEU's approved or not approved for each credential.
CPMA CEU's in CEU Tracker

True. It is up to you to know the accepted credentials for CEUs. I've been concerned with finding CEUs for the CPMA credential. They seem sparse. I spoke with the AAPC about this. They provided some direction. However, they reviewed my CEUs and they changed for me some of the CEUs obtained on Test Yourself from CPC to CPMA and it is my understanding that some Test Yourself CEUs changed were not listed to include CPMA. Additionally, I was told that it wouldn't allow the entry/edit if not accepted.
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For Test yourself ...

Hi dorothy,

Check the Resources > Magazines(Healthcare business Monthly).. In that page you find Test yourself and PDF Archive Buttons, just click that buttons...


I am a member of NAMAS and have access to free webinars worth up to 12 AAPC CEU's per year. For the standard membership you get 6 free webinars worth 2 CEUS (Attending the webinar (1) and post test (1). If you are a Gold member you get "12 additional webinars each worth 1 CEU." They also offer live training (for a fee) throughout the year. Check out their website for additional information